PM rescues abandoned child at home by grandparents

Alone for two days, four year old came to feed the own feces.
04/04/2016 16h40 - Updated 4/04/2016 16h40
Photo: Press Release / PMAM

The Military Police rescued on Saturday (2) a four year old who was alone for two days in the house of grandparents, Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood 4, area east of Manaus. No water and no food, the child came to feed the own feces, second Military Police Company information of the 30th Interactive Community (IDPF), responsible for rescue.

The PM was sued by neighbors who heard the child crying, and realized that the grandparents had not shown up for at least two days. The police had to rescue the child from the roof of the house.

See the video:

After the rescue the occurrence registered in Precinct Police Specializing in Child Protection and Adolescents (depc), where it was opened an inquiry to investigate the case. The child was given to the Guardian Council and forwarded to Johnny Hospital.

The child's grandparents appeared on Sunday afternoon (3), and they were held. Both will answer for a private jail and unable to abandon.

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