President of the PMDB is negotiating positions to form any government Temer

Juca has been the dominant player in the search for 342 votes for the approval of Rousseff's impeachment request.
08/04/2016 09h20 - Updated 5/05/2016 00h26
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In addition to assuming command of the PMDB instead of vice-president, Michel Temer, Senator Romero Juca (RR) assumed the spokesman functions and political operator of a possible management of the PMDB. Former leader of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso government, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, the parliamentarian has been the main operator Temer group in the search for 342 votes needed to approve the impeachment of the PT on the House.

Juca is negotiating spaces and positions in the future government Temer with parties like PP, PR, PSD e PTB – not by chance the same as those targeted by the attacks of the Presidential Palace to avoid Dilma clearance. Party members report that the senator uses the same give and take government, with a difference: the question is whether Members want to be in charge of a government that could fall soon or prefer to adhere to the next Temer “two and a half”.

Soon after the national president of the PP, Senator Ciro Nogueira (PI), announced on Wednesday that the party would continue with Dilma, Juca tried to meet with the leader to persuade him otherwise. On the same day, the PMDB met with the president of DEM, Senator Agripino Maia (RN); the leader of the legend in the Senate, Ronaldo Caiado (GO); and the House, Pauderney Avelino (AM). Their, He heard the charge for a major role in the impeachment of the PMDB.

Also part of the strategy Jucá a rapprochement with the mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), Dilma responsible for initiating the removal process.

Counterpoint – The Temer leave as president of the PMDB in favor of Juca also aimed to assign two missions to the senator. The first is to defend Fearing the attacks that the vice has suffered summit of members of the PT and the Plateau, from the landing party, last month.

The second, internally considered as the most relevant, It is to make the counterpoint to the offensive of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who has worked on a daily basis by the governing coalition to contain the advance of Dilma clearance process.

The Juca drives have not gone unnoticed by the Plateau and the ministers that the PMDB, even after the decision to break with the government, remain in office. The senator was criticized at a meeting between these PMDB, held yesterday at the Ministry of Science and Technology. second stories, some ministers came to say that “Juca was going crazy”.

For the PMDB that keep supporting Dilma, the party can deliver up 25 votes against impeachment – the PMDB bench currently sum 77 MEPs.


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