Proposal provides for disclosure of the cost of spreadsheet bus ticket

The proposal was presented by appointment to City Hall.
12/04/2016 07h42 - Updated 12/04/2016 07h42
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The president of the Human Rights Commission of the Manaus City Hall (CMM), Councilman Teacher Samuel (PHS), He presented a statement to the city council asking the council to force the Union of Amazonas State Passenger Transportation Companies (Sinetram) to disclose the official website of the entity the cost sheets that make up the bus fare.

"More than 20 years working in Manaus, this group of entrepreneurs who operates the public transportation system left never clear how this spreadsheet is made. Last year, They submitted a table of values ​​in which entrepreneurs had no profit with no service. How can a businessman working without profit? We want the true sheet disclosed to citizens!”, said parliamentary.

Speaking at the Tribune CMM, Samuel praised the attitude of the mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) who is seeking mechanisms to ensure the maintenance of the current fare. "Since when the mayor knew ran for a solution to the problem preventing the people bleed more still in the midst of this economic crisis that originated federal government. Transport entrepreneurs only aim 'figures' and not a quality service to our people. Together we must fight against this group ", he emphasized.

A meeting on Monday morning between representatives of the Manaus City Hall and the Union of the State of Amazonas Passenger Transport Companies determined that the application of the increase in public transport fare in Manaus will be set by Mayor Arthur Neto. The information was given by the Municipal Communication (Without with), by note.

The adjustment is determined by the judge Ari Moutinho, last Friday,after interlocutory appeal entered by the ten companies in the public transport system. in a statement, the Semcom states that the mayor's decision will be made taking into account the benefit that is offered by the municipality to companies.
currently, the user pays R $ 3 the passage, but each passenger pays the city an additional $ 0,15, reaching a 'technical fare' total of R $ 3,15. It was upon this value that the Sinetram had decided to apply the adjustment 12,37% and even announced a new passage in R $ 3,55.

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