"I have 3 million security ", says Judge Sergio Moro

The judge also dismissed concern with possible threats and suffered hostilities
16/04/2016 14h17 - Updated 16/04/2016 14h17
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Asked by one of the medical attending the lecture that granted the Paraná Medical Association, late on Thursday, He was taking care of their health and their physical integrity, due to the climate of hatred that took over the country and the visibility achieved on account of its decisions, Federal Judge Sergio Moro said all security measures deemed necessary have been taken by the Federal Court and the Federal Police, and joked saying is quiet because of the popular support that has. "In Curitiba, I have 3 million security ", said.

The judge also dismissed concern with possible threats and suffered hostilities. "Tempers are fierce, but I think it is a temporary situation. The Brazilian is cordial, and nice, tempers should improve soon, but, while this may be that there are quiet care being taken ", responded.

The judge also took the question to ask for peace and serenity for the Brazilian population. "It bothers when there is a speech partidarizando the action of Justice or inciting hatred against or on behalf of justice action. These things have to be dealt with serenity, without hate, without emotions that lead us to the next attack, offending. There war, no battle ", he said.

Source: paranaportal.com.br

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