Trio specializes in stealing the homes of prime areas of Manaus is arrested

According to the delegate Adriano Felix, criminals were arrested trying to sell the stolen objects.
07/04/2016 17h36 - Updated 7/04/2016 17h36
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Appointed by the holder delegate of Police Specializing in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd), Adriano Felix, as experienced offenders in burglaries to homes located in prime area of ​​the city, Herick Silas Dias Moura, 30, Jonas merchant Lima Rodrigues, 21, and Manoel Junior dos Santos Rodrigues, 28, They were arrested by teams of police unit and presented on the morning of Thursday, day 7, during a press conference at 11am in specialized building, in the Central West area of ​​the city.

According to Adriano Felix, Herick and Manoel were arrested, in the act, on Wednesday afternoon, day 6, in Floriano Peixoto Street, capital center, Sul, when they are trying to sell the objects they had stolen hours before, an apartment located at Rua Júlio Verne, Set Sunhome, Aleixo neighborhood, Central South zone of Manaus.

"They came around 10 am yesterday morning this property, of which took about 40 items, between notebooks, TVs, videogames, among other objects. At the time of Jonas prisons was not with the double, but we find it in the early evening, the Community of Nations Park, in the north ", He explained the holder of Derfd.

As the police authority, the trio was already being investigated by the specialized team from the day 27 February this year, after stealing a house in Park neighborhood Ten November, in south-central. "We heard the victims and began the steps immediately. After analyzing the images captured by the location of security cameras can identify offenders ", reported.

Adriano Felix said that only in Derfd there are four records of thefts to residential practiced by trio. Through the images of violators disclosure, he expects other victims attend the police station. "In testimony, Manoel said stole about ten houses. Herick and Jonas said they did not practice so many crimes with accomplice. We believe they have more victims, beyond the four already sought us. With the release of their images we expect to hear more people ", he emphasized.

The delegate stressed that the team Derfd managed to recover all the stolen objects in the house set Sunhome and they will be returned to the owner today. In addition to these belongings, servers found the gun of a civilian police with Herick. "The trio took the gun of a clerk of the Civil Police, who had the house in Parque das Laranjeiras Set stolen this year ", he argued Felix.

During the civil police investigations also seized pliers, a screwdriver and a Corsa Sedan model vehicle NOQ-2420 boards, Jonas property, used by offenders in the thefts they committed. "Manoel said that with the pliers could break into any building and Jonas, when not going to double, lent his car to offenders commit crimes ", reported Adriano Felix.

During the press conference, the three men admitted to committing the robbery and claimed to have preference for residential complexes located in prime area of ​​the capital. The three were charged in the act of robbery and criminal association. They were also indicted in the police investigation by the practice of those crimes. After the legal procedures in the police station, they will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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