Chamber Vice President changes the vote after being filmed entering the hotel where Lula is hosted

The deputy was asked by a member of the movement “In the streets”, when I entered the hotel.
16/04/2016 13h52 - Updated 16/04/2016 13h52
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Congressman Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA), Deputy Speaker of the House – and replace Eduardo Cunha a possible impeachment of President – changed on Friday that the vote would register on Sunday: He began to support the government, Against, therefore, opening the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

The deputy also announced for the State Agency that more 12 parliamentarians of PP in the House would vote against impeachment. The party had already closed question to the departure of President Dilma.

Only that morning the deputy was shot by members of the movement "In the Streets", quando not entered Golden Tulip, in Brasilia. One of the members of the movement, in Executiva Carla Zambelli, comes knocking mouth Maranhão, questioning whether he would be the president if Eduardo Cunha was impeached.

no video, Carla Maranhão accuses of being one of the investigated Wash Jet Operation.
– The meeting took place at about 11 am, the porta Golden Tulip – Carla confirms.

Indeed, Maranhão is one of 32 PP members who are investigated. The award-winning tipoff, the money changer Alberto Youssef pointed the deputy as one of the lawmakers who received money from the company GFD – used to distribute the money changer kickback. The deputy was elected vice mayor in February, with Eduardo Cunha support.

Maranhão answers, still, the two surveys in the Supreme Court (STF). In the afternoon, he recorded a video that was posted on Twitter saying "Maranhão (Deputy State) not deserve this setback ". "We will defend our president, we will defend Brazil and save Maranhão, Maranhão does not deserve the backlash ".

Check out the video:


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