impeachment vote will orally in the House of Representatives

The process will begin on Friday and the vote itself will take place on Sunday.
12/04/2016 17h23 - Updated 12/04/2016 17h23
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Party leaders of the House of Representatives have already decided the vote Rite deputy Jovair Arantes report (PTB-GO) requesting the opening of the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, during the three days for the voting process: sixth (15), Saturday (16) and Sunday (17).

The process will begin on Friday, from 8:55 a.m., and the vote itself will take place on Sunday, in the afternoon, and will be oral, when each member will be called the center of the Plenary to declare their vote. Members are studying a technical solution to the statement of the vote occurs in 10 seconds. The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, also votes.

The information was provided, just, the leader of the DEM, Mr Pauderney Avelino (AM), and Mr Bruno Araújo (PSDB-PE), that came out of the meeting of leaders in the House presidency office.

After the session opening, on Friday, They will be allocated 25 minutes to the complainants against president, liability for crime, and more 25 minutes for the defense. Right after, each party will have an hour to talk, time will be divided by up to five parliamentarians.

9am to 11am on Friday, Members will be able to subscribe individually to speak for and against the impeachment in the Saturday session, starting at 11 hours.

The leaders, with time proportional to the countertop tamanhão, They will be able to talk at any time of the session during the three days for the vote on the impeachment process.

no Saturday, the session starts at 11 hours and talk all subscribers on Friday. If the session last Friday 25 hours, will mend with this Saturday. In speeches attached Members, each may speak for three minutes. If all speak, will be more 25 hours.

not Sunday, the session will be open to 14 hours with the speech of the leaders and, shortly thereafter, begins forwarding the vote, when it will be open to vote and guidance benches. In this phase, leaders will have one minute to guide members.

According Pauderney Avelino, defined the rite is very akin to what was adopted in 1992, when the then impeachment President Fernando Collor de Melo.


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