7 useful tricks WhatsApp you may not know

One of the tricks is to know exactly where people are. What's up, liked?
17/05/2016 07h21 - Updated 18/05/2016 07h48
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Can you believe that WhatsApp is in our lives only five years ago? Sometimes it's hard to remember what life was like without it, a distant time when people used the phones for… speak! Now it's hard to find anyone in Brazil who do not use this application to exchange messages, send nudes photos, receive news and up – Why not? – speak.

To take advantage of the app to the max, separated seven golden tips, maybe you do not know. note:

1. You can favoritar messages to find them more easily

You are there in the group marked a party for the weekend, and you know that someone sent the address of which will be the ballad, but it makes a 4 days and 653 messages have been sent after this… that bar. If you use the feature favoritar, it is easy to find these important messages.

For favoritar is easy: press your finger on the message until a menu appears. Then you click on the star that is on the left, and soon.

To read favorite posts, go to Settings and then scored Posts. Soon!

2. disable “last seen” e or sinalzinho lido

If you tired of being charged because he read a message and did not answer, or whether you want to know when was the last time you were online, is easy. Go to Settings> Account> Privacy and there choice “Last seen – No one” and disable the read receipt.

The only downside is that you also will not see this information from your contacts. Privacy for all!

3. View day and time when your messages have been read

Now, if you are fan of two blue tiquezinhos and will leave them right where they are, I knew it gives to discover the exact date and time that your message has been read? Just slide your finger on the message to the left. Will open a menu with date and time the message was delivered and read.

4. Find out exactly where people are

Who ever got the phone in his hand trying to find where friends were during the carnival, or looking for a bar madly? Enough of “It is after the yellow house! Here in front of the blue car!”. Just ask them to send you the location, and you get a little map. Easy, neither?

To send your location, just click on the small arrow on the left-side of the conversation, and choose “Share location”. See if the map is correct and click “Send your location”.

5. different ringtones for different conversations

Each of your conversations may have a different alert, so you know who bothers ~ ~ before even looking at the phone. And so: of the conversation, click the person or group name and go “Notifications”.

There you can choose a sound for when you receive messages, and one for when the person calls you.

6. Save your data plan

Sim. Enough to be downloading videos by WhatsApp with your 3G or 4G and see the edge coming too soon. Go to Settings> Data Usage and choose the things that you just want to be downloaded when connected to Wi-Fi. Images, audio, videos, documents.

You can also reduce the use of data on the links.

7. You can use bold, italicized words and scratching

If you want to draw attention to something in your message, no longer WRITE SCREAMING. You can use the same resources that we use in normal text: bold, italicized words and scratching.

Is easy. If you want to use bold, put the word (or the phrase) asterisks. So * this * stretch would come out in bold in Chat. Italics _É so with two underscore, or underline_, and scratched ~ is thus between two tilde ~.

Source: Exame.com

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