digital applications facilitate the daily lives of the deaf

Applications translate texts and videos of the Portuguese for the Brazilian Sign Language (Pounds).
06/05/2016 13h26 - Updated 6/05/2016 13h26
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Simplify and promote access to information for 9,5 million people who have hearing impairment. This is the goal of Suite VLibras, launched on Thursday, 5 of May, the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MP), in Brasilia.

Digital solutions translate texts and videos of the Portuguese for the Brazilian Sign Language (Pounds). The initiative is a partnership between the MP with the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB) and the House of Representatives.

The suite VLibras is a set of open software, developed entirely on open source. The solution can be downloaded for free at the Brazilian Public Software Portal (SPB).

By using the tools, the deaf reduce communication barriers on the web. The suite VLibras currently has a dictionary with over 11 thousand words, which can be expanded and improved by the disabled community hearing. The set of public solutions also allows the translation of digital video for sign language by Vlibras-video tool.

One new feature of the latest version of the suite is the VLibras WikiLibras, tool that allows users to collaborate with the construction dictionary Pounds. With the solution, the Deaf community can teach Icarus, the Avatar VLibras, to make a sign and fix one that is wrong.

Legislative signs

The development of new work signs in VLibras already has a partnership with the Chamber of Deputies. The agency gave the TV camera servers to include more gestures in software.

The VLibras is also available for mobile devices. Those interested in using the tools can download the application for free on Google Play and the Apple Store.

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