Volante Library encourages reading in public schools students

A total of 11 schools know works of regional authors, National and international, by the end of 2016.
05/05/2016 12h15 - Updated 5/05/2016 12h15
Photo: Cleomir Santos / Semed

students 11 schools municipal schools will have the opportunity to see works of regional authors, National and international, by the end of 2016, through the steering wheel Library project. Works Aldisio Figueiras, Elson Farias, Ana Peixoto, Thiago de Mello are part of the collection that will be presented to the students covered by the action.

The project is included in the program "Mania Reading", that works in adapted vans as libraries, with collections 600 books and literature offers, still, courseware, playful and structure for small outdoor performances and activities, with supervision of teaching staff of the Municipal Education (semed), in the suburbs of the capital. The "mania Read" will pass 10 local schools east of the city and the west zone. In each space will be of 2 a 3 days.

Classics of children's literature as' Little Red Riding Hood, Charles Perrault, Walt Disney works, among others, They are part of the collection of the Flywheels Libraries, which is maintained by the Secretary of State for Culture (SEC). According to the coordinator of the program, Fabiana Lima, access to works is free. "The main objective of the project is to awaken the reading habit and make the circulation of books in Manaus", highlighted.

Encourage reading
This week, the project will include the Municipal Center for Child Education (Cmei) Renata Netherlands de Souza Gonçalves, located in Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, East zone. playful activity benefit 480 students, from 4 e 5 years, the 1st and 2nd period. According to the pedagogue teaching unit, Greice Santos, the project is in line with pedagogical practices CMEI.

"This action is in addition with a project developed by the unit, called "Who tells a tale enchants, among others", who also works with children's stories and values ​​as: respect and truth "he stressed.

The teacher said, also, the importance of encouraging reading in the infant stage. "This phase 4 e 5 years is the stage that children are fantasizing enough. The contact works and books and help in the development of reading and writing, It helps in logical reasoning ", he explained.

Then, the project will include, respectively, municipal schools Hiran Lima walks and John Castro Filho, both located in Jorge Teixeira Neighborhood; CMEI poet Antonio Gonçalves and Municipal School Antônio Nelson Neto, no Armando Mendes; CMEI Maria Emilia School and Violet Matos Areosa, centered in the area of ​​Colonia Antonio Aleixo; School Eliana Lucia, located in Compensates and, sequence, teaching units Moses France Viana and Jorge Resende, belonging to the district Tancredo Neves.

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