Bolsa Família lost R $ 2,6 billion to fraud

Public workers, dead and to campaign donors are among the beneficiaries.
28/05/2016 12h19 - Updated 28/05/2016 12h19

I could do it almost 30 000 Homes by Minha Casa, My life. only between 2013 e 2014, at least 2,6 billion reais of the total amount reserved for the Bolsa Família ended up in who did not pocket. The information is the result of the largest fine-toothed comb already done since the beginning of the federal program, in 2003. Made by federal prosecutors from the old data crossing Ministry of Social Development with organs of information as the IRS, Accounts Courts and the Supreme Electoral Court, examination detected over 1 million cases of fraud in all Brazilian states. The Bolsa Família, a monthly amount from the 77 real person, is exclusively for Brazilians living below the poverty line. The scan showed, However, among those who improperly received the aid in the period are civil servants, dead and to campaign donors.

Only civil servants were 585 000 illegal beneficiaries. In all cases, those contemplated earned at least a minimum wage (Category floor) e, second study found the, They belonged to families with per capita income above 154 real – situation that would prevent them from receiving the benefit. The fact that these employees are mostly civil servants reinforces the thesis of the prosecution of this type of fraud does not have a centralized command. “Born of that microcosm of the city where the Enroller know who is being enabled and has no interest in conducting a proper inspection of their poverty”, says Attorney Renata Ribeiro Baptista, who led the research.

Campaign donors have a prominent place in the ranking of fraudsters identified categories in the study. The prosecutor found 90 000 program beneficiaries, in 2014, donated to political parties or the same or higher than those received from the program that year and cases of groups of ten or more beneficiaries who have transferred money to the same candidate.

The survey also found beneficiaries without CPF or more of a CPF, Besides 318 000 beneficiaries who were business owners. Starting a business does not necessarily mean that someone is a subject of possessions (the process to form a firm may cost little more than 200 real), but the prosecutor believes that few from those contemplated in this situation will be able to prove that live below the poverty line.

The 2,6 billion diverted match 4,5% of the total invested in the program in the period and are below the international average, appointed by the World Bank, from 10% deviations in social programs. For Attorney Renata Baptista, however, MPF is an estimated “conservative”. according to her, many scams were left out of the survey. “Only servers with four or less familiar entered the study.” The loss will further increase.

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