Cauby Peixoto dies at 85 years in hospital in São Paulo

The information was confirmed by close friends.
16/05/2016 04h17 - Updated 16/05/2016 04h21
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The singer Cauby Peixoto died Sunday night, 15, to 85 years. The information was confirmed by the producer Thiago Marques and the historian Rodrigo Faour. Porteriormente, the profile of the singer's fan club on Facebook social network published a farewell, no details on the cause of death. What is known, until then, It is that Cauby Peixoto was in hospital Sancta Maggiori, in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, in Sao Paulo.

Cauby Peixoto was reminiscent of a golden era of Brazilian song. It was much imitated, but incomparable. I had poor health, condition that has worsened in recent times: in 1997, He had been hospitalized with severe pain, attributed to a herniated disc; in 2000, has won 6 bypasses and, In a month, I was singing again.

His influence and his legend are as intensity stamp on the nights of São Paulo and Rio, It reigned more often. "I love it when the fans tear my clothes, I feel the very Cauby Peixoto ", said the singer Cazuza, in an old interview. "Women were hallucinating. I myself was splashed out of the radio. It was beautiful ", Elis Regina reminded about the first time she saw him.

The writer recalled Mario Prata, chronic in the state in the late 1990, the specificity of Cauby and your soul mate, Angela Maria. "Angela and Cauby are from another era. Different. Very different. For example: at that time the composers and songwriters composed for male and female singers. For certain singers. Each musician had his favorite interpreters. This over ".

In the mid 50, Cauby Peixoto was already the most famous singer of Brazilian radio, occupying the throne that belonged to Orlando Silva - but with a modern field of new tactics of show biz, using mass tricks popularity, as a group of well-trained and schooled fans in the front row of his shows to scream, Esgoelar and cause sensation. Cauby threw hand a ruse used by your idol then, Frank Sinatra, which put the bobby-soxers famous to shake their mythology early career, in the years 40.

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