Olympic Flame arrives in Brazil

The torch represents peace, unity and friendship among peoples.
03/05/2016 07h06 - Updated 3/05/2016 10h59
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The lantern containing the Olympic Flame just come to Brasilia International Airport, starting point for a script that, we next 95 days, will include 327 cities of the five regions of the country, passing through the hands of 12 thousand drivers to reach, no dia 5 of August, the Maracanã Stadium, where it will be lit the Olympic cauldron and held the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The game symbol entered the Brazilian airspace at 7:10 am and the plane of the company Latam, coming from Switzerland, He landed at 7:25 a.m.. The plane was escorted by two fighters of the Brazilian Air Force and carried a Brazilian flag in the cockpit.

The flame was lit on 21 of April, in front of the Temple of Hera, located in the Greek city of Olympia, from sunlight, following a traditional rite that makes use of a kind of concave mirror called skaphia. The ceremony was attended by 11 featured women, or paper representing priestesses. After walking some Greek cities - including the capital Athens - the Olympic Flame went to Geneva, in Switzerland, for a ceremony at the United Nations (HIM), then heading to the Olympic Museum, located in Lausanne, where the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

The forecast is that the lantern containing the flame arrives at 9 am at the Presidential Palace, which feed the first Olympic Torch River 2016 for, So, start the journey through the five regions of the country.

According to organizers, the route of the torch in the Federal District will begin at 10 am, and will travel over 118 kilometers away, of which 37 They will be made by 141 drivers, covering five local administrative regions and various sights of the federal capital. In addition to the Presidential Palace, the torch will pass the House and the Senate, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the little church in the South Wing. Along the path, It will also be conducted through bike, abseiling and swimming.

In the Planalto Palace output, the torch will be conducted by volleyball player Fabiana Claudino, twice champion Olympic (2008 e 2012), heading towards the Cathedral of Brasilia, in a stretch that will have the participation of nine drivers, as disclosed programming in Rio site 2016. Along path, the torch will pass through the hands of world champion of surfing Gabriel Medina, mathematical Artur Avila Cordeiro de Melo, awarded the Fields Medal, and the girl Hanan Khaled Daqqah, from 12 years, Syrian refugee living in Brazil. Inside the cathedral, the volleyball player Paula Pequeno pass the torch to former marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima.

Later, the torch descend abseiling to the JK Bridge at the hands of military police Manoel Costa, that deliver to the yachtsman Felipe Rondina. From there, follow speedboat to the Army Club, where depart, in Hawaiian Canoe, toward the South Lake jetty. The charge of this path will be the canoeist Rubens Pompey.

The torch will also be carried on board an Army helicopter, which again will use rappelling to get to the National Stadium Lawn center Mane Garrincha. Over there, the driver Haudson Alves will deliver the flame to soccer defender Lúcio, player who had started his career in Brasilia and was champion of the World Cup for the Brazilian national team in 2002. Lucius will make a victory lap with the torch, around the field.

In the JK Memorial and Memorial of Indigenous Peoples, the torch will be conducted by the Indian Kamukaiká Yawalapíti. The relay of the Olympic Torch River 2016 end at the Ministries Esplanade, with lighting the pyre by volleyball former player Leila Barros, bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics 2000. Then, the public can watch the show with samba singer Diogo Nogueira and the Bahian singer Daniela Mercury.

The Olympic Torch is an important symbol in the history of the Games. It represents peace, unity and friendship among peoples, and its driving aims to take the Olympic message, to promote peace rather than conflict. Traditionally, the name of the last person to take the torch to the Olympic cauldron at the opening ceremony in Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro, It is kept secret. Generally, the chosen person is some sports celebrity of the host country. The Olympic fire will burn on the pyre until the closing of the Olympic Games, when it will then be deleted.

Below is a list of the top ten drivers, the order of the relay:
1) Fabiana Claudino: twice champion Olympic (2008 e 2012) and captain of the Brazilian Volleyball Team, Fabiana Claudino is considered one of the world's central best. Com 1,93m, the player born in Santa Luzia, metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, It is one of the coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes betting to win the third championship Olympic Games in Rio, a consecration more in his ten years with the shirt of the Brazilian team.

2) Artur Avila Cordeiro de Melo: first Brazilian and Latin American researcher to receive the Fields Medal, considered the Nobel of mathematics, Artur Avila Melo lamb is divided between Rio and Paris, cities in which coordinates studies the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Impa). The Rio mathematician, from 36 years, will lead the torch to highlight the importance of education for the country's development and training of its athletes and citizens.

3) Gabriel Hardy: to 16 years, Gabriel Hardy accumulates awards and achievements, as the youth national championship and third in the South American Karate. Student state public Sobradinho, satellite town of the Federal District, the athlete is young agent Transforms, program in partnership with the federal government that leads the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 the schools. Gabriel trains the Association Hardy, non-governmental organization run by his father, the karate teacher Hector Hardy, which serves about 100 disadvantaged children and young people of the city.

4) Angelo Assumpção: One of the Brazilian promises in the Olympic Games Rio 2016, Angelo Assumpção is acrobat, specialist in jump and ground, and integrates the selection of Brazilian gymnastics. Last year, during the step of São Paulo Gymnastics World Cup, the Paulistano athlete took the podium to receive the gold medal in jumping alongside his idol, the gymnast Diego Hypólito. After going through an episode of cyberbullying, or athlete 19 years won the prejudice and today shows that earned believe in sport dream.

5) Aurilene Vieira de Brito: Director of the State School Augustine Brandão, in Cocal dos Alves (PI), Aurilene Brito Vieira faces daily difficulties of educating being in one of the 30 municipalities in Brazil with the worst Human Development Index (IDH). Even so, the teacher managed to put his school among the best high school in the country, to overcome the educational gap of students and winning dozens of medals in Olympics Mathematics and Chemistry. Aurilene epitomizes the determination of Brazilian and proves that education is able to overcome economic and regional barriers

6) Hanan Khaled Daqqah: Hanan and his family lived in the city of Idlib, in northeastern Syria, one of the civil war stage in the country. His father was arrested, accused of trafficking in persons, to help friends escape violence. Stayed 11 months arrested and, released after, It became threatened with death by government and opposition groups. It was when the family sought shelter in Jordan, where he lived for two and a half years in the field of Zaatari refugee. In 2015, they arrived in Brazil through humanitarian visas from the federal government program, which facilitates the entry into the country of people affected by the conflict in Syria. His whole family was recognized by the government as refugees and now rebuilds his life in Brazil. to 12 years, Hanan lives in São Paulo with his father, the mother, an older brother and a baby sister, more uncles and four cousins, in a small apartment in the city center. The Hanan's mother is pregnant, and soon it will have a Brazilian brother.

7) Adriana Araujo: The Bahian Boxer is the only Brazilian woman Olympic medalist in boxing. The bronze was won four years ago, in the category up 60 kg, the London Olympics 2012. The boxer, from 34 years, who won the hundredth Brazilian medal for Brazil in Olympics, wants to continue to make history in the Rio Games. For this, she moved from Salvador to Sao Paulo from last year, to devote himself exclusively to training.

8) Gabriel Medina: One of the biggest idols of Brazilian sport, Gabriel Medina also started teenage its successful track record in surfing. to 11 years, Surfer born in San Sebastian (SP) in 1993 He won his first national championship and, to 15, He became the youngest athlete to win a World Surfing step (ASP). No end of 2014, He made history as the first Brazilian to win the title of the WCT, the surfing world tour. From the sea, Gabriel will lead to foot the flame that represents the Olympic dream.

9) Paula Pequeno: Best player of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Olympic twice champion Paula Pequeno currently defends Brasilia Volleyball team in the race of the Superleague. The ferrule 34 years has a successful track record, acting in the main Brazilian teams, with stints in Russia and Turkey. The claw and vibration, two of its most striking features in the courts, They will represent the Brazilian spirit when Paula lead the Olympic torch.

10) Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima: The former marathon runner Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, from 46 years, She starred in one of the most exciting moments in the history of the Olympic Games. He led the marathon race, in 2004, in Greece, When, six kilometers from the finish line, He was overthrown by a religious demonstrator, that mocked the security of proof. Instead of shaking, the athlete rejoined the race and won the bronze medal. For the demonstration of the Olympic spirit, Vanderlei received the International Olympic Committee Pierre de Coubertin medal - the first Latin American to win the award.

Source: Agency Brazil

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