CMM analyzes law increasing fines on discrimination in elevators

The proposal is Alderman Everaldo Farias and ongoing in the House since May last year.
04/05/2016 06h58 - Updated 4/05/2016 06h58
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The councilors of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) They resumed the examination of the Bill 098/2015, Alderman Everaldo Farias (PV), providing for an increase of 30 for 300 Tax Municipality Units (UFMs) the maximum fine for those who discriminate in the elevators of public and private buildings in the capital. With this measure, the fine amount out of R $ R $ 2.789,10 to R $ 27.891,00. In this year, MUF is quoted at R $ 92,97.

The proposal has to be processed in the CMM in May last year, after being deliberate in plenary by parliamentarians. Earlier on Tuesday (3), Councilman Everaldo asked for support in project approval. "Our proposal is moving in the House about a year ago and we know the importance that it has for our society. The goal of our project is to tighten the sanctions provided by municipal law and this will contribute certainly to the highest respect and observance of the rights of every citizen ", justified.

The proposal aims to amend Article 5 of the Municipal Law No. 1559/2011, which prohibits any form of discrimination in access to lifts in all buildings of the city. If passed and become law, noncompliance will result in initial fine 50 UFMs (R$ 4.648,50). In case of first recurrence, the fine will 100 UFMs (R$ 9.297). In the second recurrence, a fine will rise to 200 UFMs (R$ 18.594). E, from the third recurrence, and subsequent, to become a fine 300 UFMs (R$ 27.891).

"We can not deny that the law in force is a major breakthrough for the end of this kind of explicit discrimination in buildings, when there is the area of ​​elevators and service. It often happens that, Building employees and delivery personnel are prohibited from using the same elevator of residents. I pray that our project is approved as soon as possible ", Everaldo concluded Farias.

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