tomorrow begin registration for the Enem

The tests will be applied in the days 5 e 6 from November.
08/05/2016 10h14 - Updated 9/05/2016 07h28
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Registration for the National High School Exam (one) serão abertas amanhã (9) at 10 am, no horário de Brasília e terminarão às 23h59 do dia 20. The tests will be applied in the days 5 e 6 from November. The registration fee will be $ 68.

The registration is made by internet, in Enem site. The participant should have on hand, the act of registration, the CPF and identity document number. Deve também informar um endereço de e-mail. Só é possível fazer uma inscrição por e-mail, like this, cada estudante deverá ter e-mail próprio. O nstituto Nacional de Estudos e Pesquisas Educacionais Anísio Teixeira (INEP), responsible for examining, will use the address and cell phone reported to communicate with the participant.

Ao fazer a inscrição o participante informará se necessita de algum atendimento específico ou especializado e se é sabatista – those who, by religious conviction, keep the Sabbath, reserving the day for rest and prayer. They can take the exam after sunset.

O atendimento especializado é oferecido as pessoas com baixa visão, blindness, monocular vision, disability, hearing deficiency, deafness, intellectual disabilities (mental), deafblindness, dyslexia, Attention deficit, autism, dyscalculia or other special conditions. O atendimento específico é destinado as gestantes, infants, aos idosos, students in class and hospital sabbatarians.

É também na inscrição, que o estudante informa se quer utilizar o resultado do Enem para certificação do ensino médio. Para isso é preciso ter 18 anos completos até o primeiro dia de execução das provas. Registration is confirmed only after payment of the fee of $ 68. The deadline for this to be done is until 21h59, GMT, day 25. Are exempt from the fee the graduating high school students in public schools and low-income participants.

One new feature this year is that the student can pay the application fee at any branch, lottery home or post office. Until last year, the inscription was paid only at branches of the Bank of Brazil.

Note the Enem is used in the selection for vacancies in public institutions, through the Unified Selection System (content), scholarships in private higher education through the University for All Program (ProUni) and free vacancies in technical courses offered by Unified Selection System of Vocational and Technological Education (Sisutec).

The test result is also requirement to receive the benefit of the Student Financing Fund (Fies) and participate in the Science Without Borders program. For more people 18 years, Enem can be used as a high school certification.

Source: Agency Brazil

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