Counsel and Lawyers ask President prison GRES Victoria Regia

02/05/2016 13h41 - Updated 2/05/2016 14h18
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The Manaus Carnival is subject again in the corridors of the Amazon Court of Justice and in the neighborhood of Plaza 14 from January, this because the member of the executive board of GRES Victoria Regia (oldest school of Manaus Carnival), Sr.Ulisses Ferreira through its lawyers, filed annulment action in the civil courts of the State of Amazonas (process number: 0608227-80.2016.8.04.0001).

In that lawsuit, warred is an agreement made between the current president of the association Ivan Martins and Darlan Braga, former president and also board member, to annul the school Statute in effect for 03 years and that elected the current president. The legal maneuver, according to residents of the neighborhood where the school is based, It aims at excluding the statutory provision that guarantees the right to vote to residents of Square 14 from January, among other particularities.

Under request, lawyers seek the annulment of the judgment which approved the agreement, and still, to be held the school election giving voting rights to district voters, under penalty of a daily fine for noncompliance application or imprisonment for disobedience, Judge to examine the request is Naira Neila North which accounts for the 2nd Civil Court at the expense of sick leave of permanent judge Roberto Santos Taketomi.

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