Crisis brings down production and sales of ZFM in the first quarter of this year

According to data Suframa, revenue in dollars had a setback 37% over the same period 2015.
20/05/2016 17h43 - Updated 20/05/2016 17h43
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The crisis knocked sale, production and employment industries of Manaus Free Trade Zone. In the first quarter of this year, billing factories fell in dollar 37% over the same period last year. Between January and March, sales totaled US $ 4,4 billion, according to statistics of the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (Suframa).

Industrial employment followed the drop in sales and decreased by almost 20%. In March, there were 83,2 thousand workers employed at the Polo industries, before 104,7 thousand in December last year. "We returned to the employment level of the early 2000s", says the president of the State of Amazonas Industry Center (Cieam), Wilson Périco, noting that the plants working today with an average idle between 50% e 60% its production capacity.

Périco says entrepreneurs industrial center did not expect such a strong retraction, despite the difficulties on the political scene that reflected on the economy. "Today there 11 million unemployed in the country that reduced consumption. Besides that, who are employed are afraid to buy because of job insecurity ", argues. Practically all production of the industrial center is geared to the domestic market.

televisions. Among the sectors most affected early this year in industrial production in Manaus, Périco points the electronics, which includes the manufacture of brown line appliances, whose flagship is the TV. Sales of electronics dollar fell 44% in the first quarter year on year, after having closed 2015 with an indentation 41,9% in hard currency. "No one wants to change the TV now and the tablet and smartphone segment is also suffering", says Périco.
GFK consulting data show that sales of flat panel TVs to consumers closed the first quarter with falling 28% in number of units and 5,8% in revenue in reais compared to the same period of 2015. Together, electronics segments and computer items account for almost half of the Manaus industrial polo billing.

The sales decline affected across the board sectors in the first quarter. Sales of motorcycle manufacturers fell 44% dollar in the first quarter, a sequence of five consecutive retraction. The industries of thermoplastics and chemical products also soured billing falls on dollar 30,5% e 24% in the first quarter year on year.
"This year has been", says the president of Cieam. He believes that the shrinkage of production and sales should continue this quarter and even if there is a reaction in the last quarter of 2016 it will be insufficient to turn the tide of the annual performance. For 2016, the executive predicts drop 25% billing in dollars of Manaus Polo industries.


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