Cunha creates CPI to investigate the use of public money by the UNE

It was also created commission to investigate granting DPVAT.
04/05/2016 21h27 - Updated 4/05/2016 21h27
Photo: Ueslei Marcelino (Reuters)

The mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), read Wednesday (4) application creation of two parliamentary committees of inquiry - one to investigate the use of public money by the National Union of Students (A) and another to investigate alleged irregularities in personal injury insurance concession caused by motor vehicles (DPVAT).

With the creation, party leaders must now indicate the members of the two boards. The CPI installation requirement that must investigate the UNE, authored by Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP), cites reports that link alleged irregularities in organization's agreements with the Union.
One of the complaints mentioned by Feliciano refers to the receipt of R $ 12 million for UNE between 2006 e 2010, an agreement with the Ministry of Culture, for training of students and promotion of cultural events.

As newspaper report “The globe” cited by the deputy application, investigation of the prosecution by the Federal Audit Court (TCU) identified using cold invoices to prove the expenses.

The application also calls for investigation of the following facts:

– Application of R $ 44,6 million received as compensation from the federal government for damages suffered during the military dictatorship;

– Association of UNE with a Brazilian Swiss investor for the construction of a commercial building 12 floors in Flamengo Beach, city ​​of Rio de Janeiro / RJ, on land of their property;

– UNE's participation in the venture profit mentioned in the previous item and how long CBRE, multinational company, explore the rent of rooms;

– Storage and destination of the revenue from the production of student portfolios in the last five years;

– Covenants of the Federal Government with the UNE in the period 2006 a 2010 to determine the irregular use of public revenue in conjunction with the Federal Audit Court;

– Covenants of the Federal Government with the UNE in the period 2011 a 2016 to determine the irregular use of public revenue.


But the request for the establishment of a parliamentary commission to investigate the use of DPVAT was made by Mrs Rachel Muniz (PSD-MG). According to parliamentary, gangs were formed to divert resources to compensation.

"Reports show that DPVAT has been gang action object and criminal gangs, involved as false brokers and intermediaries, acting in the severance charges process for prejudicing the real beneficiaries of insurance, victims and heirs of traffic accident victims ", says Muniz, CPI in the creation of application.

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