From January to April this year, murders reduced 13% In Manaus

The data were presented on Monday (16) by the Secretary of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes.
16/05/2016 17h17 - Updated 16/05/2016 17h17
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In the first four months of this year, homicide figures in Manaus reduced 13%, compared to 2015. For the third consecutive month (February, March and April), the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM) recorded a reduction in this type of crime in the capital and also the arrest of 102 people involved in the murders.

The data were presented on Monday (16) by the Secretary of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes, during a meeting with Security System bodies (Civil police, Military Police and Fire Department) to discuss actions to combat violence in Manaus.

The meeting, the general commander of the military police in exercise, Colonel Rubens de Sá, which is also responsible for corporate subcommand, the commander of Policing Metropolitan PM, Coronel Franclides Ribeiro, Deputy Delegate General Izair Soares, the commander of the Fire Department, Fernando Sergio, Security Executive Secretary, Charles Albert, the Deputy Executive Secretary of Intelligence SSP-AM, Tâmera Maciel, and the general ombudsman Security System, Aloízio Paes.

The Sa Rubens colonel reported that a recent mapping of new areas where there was an increase in crime (criminal spots) It will be used in new shares of ostensible policing. "Criminal spots change and policing needs to accompany these changes. We are now completing this survey to direct the ostensible policing these new areas ", said.

strategic actions – The Secretary of Public Security Amazon, Sergio Fontes, It states that the reduction of crimes against life is the result of integrated strategic actions of security forces (Military police, Civil police, Fire Department, DMV-AM and the Department of Technical and Scientific Police) to reduce crimes against life, which did not occur in the last ten years, when the murders increased year by year.

In February, the reduction was 15%; in March 17% and in April 30%. "The capital was an upward curve in cases of homicide, increasing by more than 100% the last ten years. The new numbers show a historical and consolidated reduction ", said.

Sergio Sources said among the strategies are seizures of firearms. "Only this year have apprehended 253 revolvers, 31% more compared with the same period last year ", he said.

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