Snitches say that Eduardo Braga threatened when bribery delayed

Denunciation of former executives of Andrade Gutierrez reveals ancient contractor relationship with former governors AM.
16/05/2016 07h03 - Updated 17/05/2016 07h28
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The Jornal Nacional had access, with exclusivity, the new parts of the testimonies that two former executives of Andrade Gutierrez gave prosecutors Operation Lava Jato. these vigilantism, they revealed the payment of kickbacks to four former governors. Eduardo Braga, do PMDB, e Omar Aziz, do PSD, Senators today at Amazon. And the former governor of the Federal District: Agnello Queiroz, PT and José Roberto Arruda, what, in season, was the Democrats.

The former executives of Andrade Gutierrez told prosecutors how easy it was to win the competition Arena Amazon.

They said they had inside information from government. And the construction company also participated in the project design and bidding documents.

According to former executives, Andrade Gutierrez had preference for work that stage because I was in the Amazon for many years.

For what is the tipoff, the relationship with then Governor Eduardo Braga, do PMDB, It was too old. The former executives revealed to prosecutors that there was a combination with Eduardo Braga which earned during the eight years of his government: tip 10% on the value of each work of contractor.

Only the development works in the area of ​​Igarapés – a riverside area on the outskirts of Manaus – They had contracts of approximately R $ 400 millions. Part of the money was the state, the other was the Inter-American Development Bank.

Today Senator Eduardo Braga is. He was minister of government of Mines and Energy Dilma until last month.

Former executive of Andrade Gutierrez, Nora Rogério de Sá, He said the agreement with the governor was born in the interest of Andrade Gutierrez in receiving precatórios – court orders payment – against or state.

Rogério estimates that were paid R $ 20 million to R $ 30 million to Eduardo Braga. In another tipoff, Clovis Primo said that the former governor made threats if there was late payment of tuition fees. Said “he was tough game”.
The accusers said that the bribe payments continued with the successor of Eduardo Braga in the government of Amazonas.

During the bidding stage, Clovis Primo said he met in a hotel in Brasilia with the new governor, Omar Aziz, na época no PMN, Party of National Mobilization. What, after, It went to the Social Democratic Party – PSD. Today he is a senator.

Clovis Primo reported that tried to negotiate a reduction of the fee paid for the work of the stadium. The whistleblower said the new governor did not accept, He did a great theater, He was lifted, saying he had commitments, more than, after, accepted the reduction of tuition fees. Instead of 10% who were paid to Eduardo Braga, He got 5%.

In another meeting, in Sao Paulo, according to the former executive Rogério de Sá, Omar Aziz asked for bribes amounting to R $ 20 millions, alleging that the company had a large volume of works in the state and that the money would pay campaign expenses.

Upon hearing that it was not possible, Rogerio Nora de Sa said Aziz Omar insisted aggressively, and rising tone said that if the bribe was not paid the government of Amazonas could take revenge of Andrade Gutierrez.

Omar Aziz, so is the tipoff, even suggested that the construction execute some earthmoving measurement service and the value embutisse.

Rogerio de Sa said Andrade Gutierrez paid about R $ 18 million Omar Aziz. And that payments were at least until September 2011.

Senator Eduardo Braga said the complaint is absurd, which it is outraged, and feeling offended by the accusations.

Senator Omar Aziz stated that strictly followed the value of the construction of the Arena Amazonia determined by the Federal Audit Court. And being the Andrade Gutierrez the victim of retaliation for not having given the company's pressure to increase the price of the work.

Andrade Gutierrez declined to comment.

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