Designers Amazonians launch handmade sunglasses brand

The glasses of each production process “Rhústico” leads to 20 days.
31/05/2016 14h54 - Updated 31/05/2016 15h13
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Sunglasses are almost an essential item nowadays, as well as they protected the vision also make a difference in the "style" of people. I was thinking of those people who Amazonians designers Heraldo Galvão and Eldher Nascimento developed a line of bold sunglasses using raw material rustic.

The idea arose in the year 2009, but, as Galvão was involved in other activities, eyewear project was in the drawer. In 2013, However, the project gained momentum. "I was studying design when I remembered this project and he came back with force", remember.

According to the designer and entrepreneur, the process is 100% manual, so that the production process until the completion of each piece lasts on average 20 days. The brand name could be another, Rhústico.

"The process is somewhat crude form, very cut, resin, press, wood flour, engine noise in time to cut, trim the edges, sanding and polishing. At the end of the process we are exhausted, but it is gratifying to see the finished product in our hands. We know that all this dedication reflects the product, this is the kind of design that we believe and something receptive by the customer ", details.

According to the entrepreneur, brand differentiation is precisely this craft process. Thus each piece is unique and customers also feel unique.

"We understand the visual appeal of a glasses made of wood, if it were not so we would not have done, But not only that. As we were maturing the design and manufacture of own glasses we perceive a local identity value, a product made by two manauaras, design students, using raw materials from the region, with a design model and global business, but respecting and believing in the local culture, we believe that this is possible regardless of the material used ", said.

If you were curious, Rhústicos the glasses will soon be for sale. Galvao said he is still working on the site, where products will be sold, and have also projects to have physical stores (franchises). "We are also studying a model of physical store will be the franchise system". To order or find out more details, just contact the number (92) 98214-8071.

Galvão has partnered with friend Eldher Birth and believes the entrepreneur alone waste time "erring". "I often say that alone an entrepreneur loses a lot of time wandering where it is not necessary to miss. At that moment I was alone (in 2013) and that's when I met a friend and, today, partner Eldher Birth. We share the same entrepreneurial ideas, design, the union of heads this project was in a natural way. Where I fail, it hits, where he errs, I show up with possible solutions and thus was born the Rhústico, the junction of two entrepreneurs, different, but who were seeking the same thing ", said.

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