Eletrobras busted ice factory under construction with underground connection

Site had a three-phase transformer 45 kVA feeding property irregularly.
13/05/2016 09h29 - Updated 13/05/2016 09h29
Photo: disclosure

Eletrobras Amazonas Distribution conducted more intensive action against the illegal use of electricity (Theft and Fraud). This time, Distributor of teams caught him an ice factory in stealing electricity construction. The property is located at Avenida Rio Solimões, Extension Bancrevea, tarumã, West Zone of Manaus. The action was held in conjunction with the Police Combat Specialist at Amazon Service Theft (DECFS) and Institute of Criminalistics (IC).

During operation, it was found the existence of a three-phase transformer 45 kVA installed in the dealership pole feeding the property erratically, not presenting energy consumption record measurement. The cables were connected directly to the transformer. On site they were using equipment such as welding machine, d'water pump, sander and mixer.

The transformer was seized to expand the analysis. The property has been disconnected from the power grid and responsible for the plant was notified to attend the police station to provide information.

Technical Eletrobras reported that the total consumption of energy reached stolen 1.195 kWh / month, What is the monthly amount of R $ 2.838,11 unbilled. The Distributor has already started the recovery process of the stolen energy consumed irregularly.

Eletrobras Amazonas Distribution reiterates its commitment to the state of Amazonas population to provide safe energy and quality, contributing to the well being of its customers and the region's economic development.

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