Swindler who was passing by pastor arrested in Manaus

Second to PC, the boy profited, approximately, R$ 250 thousand deceiving people with the sale of land.
31/05/2016 14h44 - Updated 31/05/2016 14h44
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, by the research team of the 2nd Integrated District Police (DIP), He presented early on Tuesday, day 31, during a press conference held at the General Police auditorium, musician Silviney Vieira Maciel, 42, known as "Pastor Ney", arrested for embezzlement. According to the delegate holder of the 2nd DIP, Raul Augusto, the offender would have profited, approximately, R$ 250 thousand deceiving people with the sale of land in the capital.

Raul Augusto stressed that Silviney was arrested by the investigation team of the police unit and military police of the 2nd Company Interactive Community (IDPF) yesterday morning, day 30, por volta the 11h, after being denounced by a victim, a seller of 37 years. The arrest took place at Rua Manoel Urbano, Educandos neighborhood, South zone of the capital.

"The victim had bought a plot of R $ 15 thousand Silviney. She paid $ 4,5 thousand as input to the offender and would give the rest in three installments. However, I learned that the man had sold the same land to others. Yesterday the victim arranged a meeting with the swindler in her home with the promise to pay him one of the installments, at which locked the door Property, He triggered the police and was arrested Silviney ", He informed the delegate.

Conforme o titular do 2º DIP, with the offending officers found R $ 1 one thousand, regarding the payment received from the victim, which proved the coup. The moment was approached Silviney came to identify as cousin of a police chief. "He lied. He said this only to frighten the police, in an attempt to not be arrested ", said Raul Augusto.

The police official further stated that investigations showed that Silviney acted since October 2015 and I would have done at least thirty victims, They formalizing complaints through police reports on the 2nd and 13th DIPs and Specialized Police in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd).

Second or delegate, during police investigations recovered a vehicle Ford Ecosport, Silviney given as input to the acquisition of land. Raul Augusto stressed that the lot had been sold to other people by the violator. The victim's car had also been resold.

"There is a declared loss of approximately R $ 250 one thousand. Bank statement it is possible to verify deposits of R $ 10 one thousand, R$ 12 mil e R$ 5 one thousand. He identified himself as a pastor of a church and it could add the greatest number of victims. Silviney sold land in different districts of the capital and nearby municipalities. We are also investigating the involvement of a woman known as "Pastora Juci" the illegal practice ", said delegate.

Silviney was booked in flagrante delicto for larceny. After the legal procedures, it will be forwarded to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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