young rape 16 years in Rio is proven, says delegate

“What I want to prove now is the extent of rape, who and how many people practice it”, said.
30/05/2016 16h22 - Updated 30/05/2016 16h22
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Delegated Cristiana Bento, holder of the Bureau of Child and Adolescent Victim (DCAV), categorically stated on Monday that there is sufficient evidence that the teen C. B. from 16 years was rape victim in Rio. A news conference, the delegate confirmed that the results of the forensic examination, made late, It does not indicate evidence of violence, but it is not decisive to prove the occurrence of crime.

“In my belief there was rape. The video shows the boy manipulating the girl. Rape is proven. What I want to prove now is the extent of rape, who and how many people practice it, an, ten, or thirty-three”, said the delegate, which yesterday took over the management of the case, Alessandro Thiers no lugar, holder of Police Repression of the Computer Crimes (Keep), criticized by the young for trying “incriminate her”.

The head of the Civil Police, Fernando Veloso, supported the delegate declaration, saying the abuse of traces may have been lost with time. “We do not collect the evidence of violence. This does not mean that there was no. The report just can not technically complete. The traces were lost and that no harvest [tests] It may have happened because of the time that has passed”, said Veloso. The occurrence of the crime until the examination, it took five days, according to the expert of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML) Adriane Rego.

The expert explained the reasons why the evidence of violence may not have been detected in the examination. according to her, own body destroys the sperm up to 72 hours after sex. Another factor is that the victim was unconscious at the time of the crime and, that is why, no resistance.

This morning, Civil Police unleashed an operation to arrest six suspects of involvement in rape, is to participate in the act itself or promote it on social networks. For a while, only one was arrested, Raí de Souza, from 18 years.

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