Former Dilma government is accused of stapled Sergio Moro, Michel Temer and Supreme Court judges

At the request of PT leaders, Abin agents of espionage would have made the past six months.
21/05/2016 14h08 - Updated 21/05/2016 14h09
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Both the Presidential Palace as between ministers of the Supreme Court is certain that the last six months of Abin agents, the Brazilian Intelligence Agency, They would have spied President Michel Temer, líderes do PMDB, Judge Sergio Moro and even STF ministers.

Discovery, There are about two weeks, an environmental clip installed under the desk of the minister's office Luís Roberto Barroso confirmed suspicions that President Michel Temer staff and members of Operation Lava Jet task force has since December. "It was Abin that clipped the minister's office", He revealed the two senators Lieutenant Colonel André Soares, Abin former agent still packed in the Presidency.

At the end of March, an international company information that has operated in Brazil for over ten years has been contracted for scans and detected the arapongagem. the spies, According to the survey done by the company, Abin agents would be working at the request of former minister Ricardo Berzoini, whom the agency reported since October year, by determination of the president away, Dilma Rousseff.

Episodes of snooping discovered from December were treated with absolute discretion by Temer aids and by the Supreme Court security team and proved decisive for President recreate the GSI (Institutional Security Office). The team Temer believes that under the tutelage of General Sergio Etchegoyen Abin can be better controlled.

Two weeks before Christmas those responsible for Temer security began to wonder the presence of "photographers" posted on the outskirts of the Palace Jaburu, where they could record all the visits received by the then vice-president.

At the same time, Fearing spent some strange interference on your phone calls and said the fact that at least two PMDB leaders very close to it. surprised, two said they were having the same problem.

Thus it was hired international intelligence company. Sixty days later, Members of Operation Lava Jato, who ask not to have revealed the names, received anonymous information denouncing spying on the judge Sergio Moro.

That would have confirmed, because, second federal police heard by ISTOÉ, former President Lula would have known in advance that would be required to testify coercively and also knew that his conversation with Dilma about the failed appointment to the head of the Civil House had been recorded.

Moro would have made the public record from the moment we learned that could be being monitored by Abin. Finally, last month, from undercover investigation by the Civil Police of São Paulo has been proven that the personal computer Marcela Temer, president's wife, It had been hacked.

Officially, scanned two weeks ago by the Supreme Court of the Security Bureau in Barroso's cabinet was a routine action. In fact, however, all offices of the Supreme were surveyed after three ministers were informed that they would be targets of eavesdroppers. "We're pretty sure that the staff is involved in this Abin.

So we do not walk there no investigation ", He told ISTOÉ one of STF security agents on the night of Thursday 19. "From an institutional point of view, is very serious someone dare to put a clip in the Supreme Cabinet. It is an absolute impudence ", said Barroso, responsible for managing the feathers of those responsible for Mensalão.

Given these findings, last week the director of Abin, Wilson Trezza hit his office output occupying eight years. The tendency is that he will continue in office until the end of the Olympics, long enough for the government Temer choose a successor, that will need to be approved by the Senate before taking.

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