Supervision of road transport will be stepped on holiday

It is estimated that more than 20 thousand passengers use the regular system of transportation via bus, vans or chartered vehicles.
25/05/2016 14h07 - Updated 25/05/2016 14h08
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To ensure the safety and quality of public intercity road passenger transport services, the Government of Amazonas, through the Regulatory Agency of Public Services Granted (Arsam), will intensify, starting tomorrow, day 26, Corpus Christi holiday, the inspection of vehicles on capital outflows and some municipalities in the metropolitan region of Manaus (RMM). It is estimated that more than 20 thousand passengers use the regular system of transportation via bus, vans or chartered vehicles.

The Arsam will act in partnership with the State Traffic Department (DMV) and Battalion of Traffic Police - BPTRAN, Civil police, Military Police and Federal Highway Police, in eight access roads to the main cities of RMM.

Regular buses will be monitored in the Road Huascar Angelim, and will undergo new approach in Ponte Rio Negro and barrier. Chartered vehicles as taxis, vans and minibuses will be addressed in strategic inspection points.

More than thirty tax will work in the capital and road in the municipalities of Manacapuru, Presidente Figueiredo, Rio Preto da Eva and Careiro (respectively 70,73; 130; 80,1 e 19,5 kilometers from Manaus). At strategic points of the highways increased flow, as AM-010 (Manaus - Manacapuru) and BR-174 (Manaus - Boa Vista), flywheels operations will be carried out.

The Emtram companies, arowana, Trans express, Master and Eucatur make available more than eighty departure times of Manaus, a partir de 5h30min até 23h. If there is higher increase than expected, these companies should provide extra buses.

User rights – Compliance with arrival and departure times, adequate capacity, ensuring extra vehicles, and the right to free or half pass to the elderly, minors accompanied by responsible, police or military agents to service, Uniformed students during the school year, people with disabilities and disability retirees, They must be guaranteed. For this, the passenger must prove income equal to or less than two minimum wages or any related document, and make a reservation, with at least three hours prior to departure with the company's booth chosen.

If occupied the two mandatory seats, the fee to be charged should correspond to 50% the value of the ticket. Passengers are transported on time, hygiene and comfort, from start to end of the trip, and should, still, to inform the Arsam any irregularities that may witness during the service provision.

the ticket, must contain the line for the destination city, the date and the departure and arrival times, which must be strictly observed.

Complaints or claims may be addressed to the tax, registered with the Ombudsman's PAC San Jose, the IAU Shopping, in Arsam headquarters, located on the street Teacher Ernani Simon, No 1314, Cachoeirinha neighborhood, area south of Manaus, or by phone 0800 280 8585.

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