Supervision suspends irregular line that served Manaus-Humaita

Since December last year, the company acted clandestinely.
16/05/2016 17h10 - Updated 16/05/2016 17h10
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Based on intelligence work carried out in recent months by the Department of Supervision of Road Transport Intermunicipal of the Regulatory Agency of Passengers Amazon Granted Utilities (Arsam), it was made, on Friday, 13 of May, "Operation Transport Clandestino". The aim of the action was taking circulation one operated road standard bus erratically by the company Siqueira Tur Tourism Transportation LT ME, which operated with the Manaus-route Humaita.

Since December last year, the company acted clandestinely, not having permission to traffic for lack of documentation and registration. According to the head of the Department of Road Transport Inspection of Intercity Passenger Arsam, Elton Cavalcante, in addition to paperwork not fulfilled by the company, the road does not offer security to users, further increasing the danger of transportation conducted clandestinely.

The operation was performed on Djalma Batista Avenue, with the support of the State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM) and Amazonas Military Police (PMAM). At the time of approach, passengers reported that they were to "ride", probably driven by the driver of the company. However, a foreign passenger, who did not understand the combined, He revealed that paid $ 180 the passage, characterizing the blatant illegal sale of tickets.

Seizure – The seized vehicle was driven on Highway Huascar Angelim in Manaus, for landing 27 passengers, who were told about the smuggling caught offside as the cause of the trip. The driver refused to sign it of fault finding and left the place taking with the vehicle keys. Even with the negative, The vehicle was driven by a winch to the DMV parking-AM. The vehicle documents and driver were also seized.

By acting outside state control and any regulation, transport undocumented is subject to seizure, preventing the passenger to get to their destination. In case of accident, you may not rely on any assistance, that is, no rights guarantees, unlike regular companies, whose obligation to pay the statutory accident insurance, for example.

Transportation between cities must be provided efficiently and continuously. Guaranteeing the quality of service is one of the tasks of Arsam. Complaints or complaints can be forwarded directly to the tax barrier support points (between AM highways-010 and BR-174), Huascar Angelim road and bridge Black River, They may also be personally registered with the Ombudsman's Arsam, located PAC Sao Jose do UAI Shopping or by number 0800 280 8585.

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