Recording reveals that Parintins Prefecture has ghost workers

The audio indicates, still, that there was illegal transportation of money in the election campaign of Alexander Carbrás.
24/05/2016 16h35 - Updated 24/05/2016 16h35
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A recording that possibly the head of the Representation of Parintins Prefecture in Manaus, identified as Cristina Maria dos Santos Gomes Matos, guides employees crowded that organ [that probably do not meet work expedients], on how to proceed in investigating evidence in the State Prosecutor's Office (MP-AM) about the existence of ghosts servers administration of Mayor Alexander of Carbrás (PSD) In Manaus, shows the outcome of another possible crime committed in election 2012, as illegal transport of money for election campaign.

in audio, Cristina Maria conversation with ghost workers, identified as Dartanhã da Silva, Ana Claudia and Roberto and informs them that they have been reported to provide testimony. Cristina said that a MP-AM staff did a survey in representation in Manaus for reporting account in the prosecution of the existence of ghost workers to see if, indeed, the representation existed and who are employees. "We present everything they asked, but with a flea in looks, because they said that here we have ghost workers ", said Cristina.

In a recording section Cristina guides how employees should act in hearing: "Some questions will be asked to you and we can then speak the same language, It is in the same direction, why, after all, yes you are servants of the City of Parintins and we can not have failures about it. You play a role of advisor and I have to agree with you what you will say, because several questions will be asked and you will answer only what is asked ".

Cristina goes on to explain what to say about the activities carried out by officials representing the, on office hours, as advice to the mayor and even directed to the supposed servers seek to know the full name of the head of the division and the other servers to not make the mistake of not knowing who your co-workers.

The outcome of the conversation the head of the Representation Cristina Maria dos Santos Gomes Matos and the mayor of Parintins Alexander of Carbrás did not expect was the presentation of a complaint and revolt of the possible ghost workers, of Dartanhã name, who lives in Coari. He said he refused to testify in favor of the mayor of Alexander Carbrás for having been deceived. The representative asks if anyone has something to talk. At this point Dartanhã requesting the floor and shoot:

"First I live in Coari. I had a hit with Alexander [Carbrás] and he did not fulfill me the hit. I'm with him here, to the neck. My issue with it [Alexander of Carbrás] It was a very serious matter, he knows it. There, I come through with a knife here with him to howl. So, I will refuse to go [in hearing]. I'm out. If you want to fire me, may resign, It has no problem. I was just waiting for that moment ", revealed Dartanhã.

Cristina intervenes and informs that it will participate in the Dartanhã decision to the Mayor Alexander of Carbrás. Dartanhã retaliates again: "He [Alexander of Carbrás] You know what was my mission with him in the campaign. It was a very strong business, he cheated on me. He, since when he won he gave me no call. Not complied with the hit that made me, as I was right. So, I was just waiting for that time. I knew that one day would happen ".

Dartanhã again said he will not attend the hearing of the Public Ministry of the State and revealed the cash transport scheme in Carbrás campaign in 2012. "I'm refusing to go because I know that if I go there, I'll tell everything I know. So, to avoid problems, leaves the way it is. I lost a job in the newspaper Criticism of R $ 2.500,00 because of him [Alexander of Carbrás], taking money to campaign for him, risking me at the airport with a lot of children, and then the guy comes fail me. There, I will still have to be going in justice, is giving testimony, so I'm out ", finished.

Mayor Alexander of Carbrás, contact report, He said the prosecutor was in representation and not found anything. "If you report has to prove. But as far as I know has no. If I had knowledge of the measures would be taken. Investigate is the prerogative of the prosecution and if that happens is natural ", he stressed Carbrás.

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