Janot decides to ask the Supreme Court to open an inquiry against Dilma for obstructing the Lava Jato

to Janot, Dilma Lula appointed minister had intended to “disrupt” investigations.
03/05/2016 19h51 - Updated 8/05/2016 08h19
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The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, It decided that there is already sufficient evidence to request the opening of an investigation in Supreme Court (STF) against President Dilma Rousseff and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The two will be investigated together, on charges of attempting to obstruct the investigation of Operation Lava Jato.

The research is based on the award-winning denunciation of Delcídio Amaral Senator (non-party-MS) and the imbroglio caused by trying to indicate Lula Dilma to the Civil House Chief Minister. For the president is formally survey targeted the STF, the procedure still needs to be authorized by the Minister Teori Zavascki.

For attorneys Janot group, Lula's appointment to the ministry was part of a “scenario” they were identified several attempts to hinder criminal investigations of Lava Jato, that clears the corruption scheme in Petrobras.

In its opinion to the Supreme, Janot says the decision to turn Dilma Lula minister intended to “disrupt” the progress of investigations to try to remove the case of the former president of the hands of judge Sergio Moro, responsible for Lava jet in the first instance.

This understanding was reinforced after the leak of telephone conversations between Dilma and Lula. In one, the president says he will send the proper term in advance so that the PT use if necessary.

In his denunciation, Delcídio also made statements accordingly. He cited as an example a charge of Plateau on the judiciary to influence the investigations to the alleged statement of the Minister of the Superior Court of Justice Marcelo Navarro Ribeiro Dantas.

The Janot's decision to ask for an investigation against Dilma comes as the Senate prepares to vote on the impeachment of the President. If the process is approved by a majority of the plenary, Dilma will be removed from office for up to 180 days and vice, Michel Temer, assumes the Presidency in place.

Dilma, However, continues with special jurisdiction to the analysis of the process that calls for their withdrawal be completed by Congress. That is why, jurisdiction over cases involving Rousseff remains the Supreme.

Last year, Janot ruled out the possibility of investigating the president even after mention of Dilma name for whistleblowers Lava Jato. the Constitution, He claimed the prosecutor, not fit one of the Republic president of research during the term for acts unrelated to the period and the role of president.

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