lava Jato: Convictions already have more than 1.000 years in prison

José Dirceu, former minister of Lula, It received the highest penalty of operation.
19/05/2016 14h37 - Updated 19/05/2016 14h37
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The sum of the convictions of defendants in Operation Lava Jet exceeded 1.000 years. Until here, 74 investigated were sentenced to a total of 1133 years and one month in prison. The biggest penalty was applied to the former minister José Dirceu (Civil House in Lula). He took 23 years and 3 months in prison for accepting bribes, money laundering and criminal organization.

In the context of shifts in investigations Petrobras have already been closed 57 agreements, of which 52 award-winning collaboration, five leniency and a Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC).
The Lava Jet task force has already offered, in the first instance, charge against 207 investigated – among executives, employees or members of contractors, intermediaries, operators or money changers, former directors of Petrobras and political – in 42 complaints since the beginning of operation, in March 2014.

Until Tuesday, according to the Attorney, 111 accused had been convicted in 18 processes, for a total of 990 years and 7 months of convictions. Of the total sentenced, 93 They were sentenced (83,78%), four acquitted (3,6%) at the request of federal prosecutors and own three defendants acquitted without an appeal (2,7%). Nine others were acquitted and had appeals (8,1%) and two acquittals with appeals have been final and unappealable (1,8%).

With the judge's ruling Moro, this Wednesday, 18, imposed 23 years and 3 months Dirceu and other heavy penalties on defendants linked to the former minister, convictions passed the milestone 1.000 years. Dirceu received the highest penalty of Lava Jato. The second largest is now the Duke Renato Petrobras Service of the former director, which received 20 years and 8 months, in another action whose sentence is September 2015.

In the action that Dirceu was convicted also he received worth the brother of former Minister Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira e Silva (8 years and 9 months of imprisonment by washing and relevance to the criminal organization). The contractor Gerson Almada, Engevix, He was sentenced to 15 years and 6 months imprisonment, corruption and money laundering. The businessman Fernando Moura, PT and connected to the blowers of the jet wash, He was sentenced to 16 years and 2 months in prison.

The former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto received 9 years in prison for corruption. Renato Duque took this action 10 years in prison for corruption. The real estate agent Julio Cesar dos Santos received 8 years in prison for laundering and relevance to the criminal organization. Roberto ‘Bob’ brands, former aide to Dirceu, He was sentenced to 3 years in prison, pity it was replaced by two restricting rights: providing community service and cash benefit.

The lobbyist Milton Pascowitch, whistleblower and pivot the arrest of José Dirceu, He caught 20 years and 10 months in prison for corruption offenses, washing the criminal organization and pertinence. His brother, José Adolfo Pascowitch, He was convicted of the same crimes 19 years in prison. The former executive manager of Petrobras Pedro Barusco, one of the informers of Lava Jato, He caught 9 years in prison. How did winning collaboration agreement, Barusco and Pascowitch brothers fulfill the penalties agreed with the Federal Public Ministry.

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