Leaders of neighboring countries express repudiation of “knock” no Brasil

Governments of neighboring countries, Left parties and international organizations warn of the risks to democracy and sympathize with President.
16/05/2016 04h03 - Updated 16/05/2016 04h05
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Several countries expressed officially not consider that the opening of impeachment proceedings against Dilma Rousseff has legitimacy, as well as the government of interim president Michel Temer (PMDB). The Savior, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and Ecuador expressed concern with the removal of President Dilma and the impacts on the economic and political stability on the continent. political left parties and international organizations also officially repudiated the current coup in Brazil.

El Salvador does not recognize as president Temer

O president of El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, He announced on Saturday (14) You will not recognize Michel Temer as president of Brazil and called the Salvadoran ambassador, Diana Vanegas, back to country.

Sánchez Cerén said his government "respects democracy and the popular will", that the broad movement of the interim government means that already in advance condemned the president elected, Dilma Rousseff, and that it is "political manipulation".

He compared the trial of Dilma with the United scams perpetrated by military, that were commonplace in Latin American countries in the last decades of the twentieth century, but with the difference that this occurred via Parliament.

On thursday (12) the ruling party in El Salvador, the FMLN, expressed "unconditional support" to the PT, its leaders and activists, "In particular the companion Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva". For or party, Dilma's withdrawal "is a coup perpetrated parliamentary State against the legitimate president of Brazil" and expressed his "full support and solidarity to whom the Brazilian people elected through 54 million votes ". He made an appeal "to the people and world's democratic governments to reject this maneuver, it does kick the brother and brave people of Brazil to the dark years in which human rights, social, economic and political rights of Brazilians were trampled with impunity by conservative elites and big business "

Press release:

Venezuela rejects parliamentary coup and calls ambassador back to Caracas

Venezuela categorically rejected the parliamentary coup that is underway in Brazil. in a statement, the Venezuelan government accused the oligarchic domes and imperial forces of orchestrating the coup against the president by legal farces. "A legitimate president, Dilma Rousseff, first woman elected head of state in Brazil, faces an offensive motivated by revenge of those who lost the elections and are unable to come to political power by other means than force ", claims or statement

Not text, Venezuela expressed concern the right of claim to overthrow Dilma Rousseff, elected by more than 50 million Brazilians, which jeopardizes the constitution and democracy. "The Coup process in Brazil intends to replace popular sovereignty and ignoring the legitimate will of its people. Because of this, we call on people of the world to keep us alert and ready for the defense of democracy, of President Dilma Rousseff and the unity and integration processes between our countries. "

In an interview on Friday night (13), President Nicolas Maduro said it requested the return of the ambassador to Caracas. "I asked our ambassador in Brazil, Alberto Castelar, to return. I met with him, We have been evaluating this painful page in the history of Brazil. [Was] a totally unfair play against a woman who was the first president that Brazil had "

Ecuador expressed its support for the people and the President of Brazil

The government of Ecuador reiterated in a statement its support for the Brazilian people and President Dilma Roussef, "Legitimate depositary of the popular mandate expressed in the last democratic elections". Or text, published by the Ecuadorian Embassy, It indicates that Rousseff does not weigh against yet, no imputation that link to any offense ". Ecuador also expressed his wish that the current circumstances are overcome by the "rule of law and strict respect for democratic institutions in Brazil".

Uruguay claims to be concerned

The Foreign Minister and Foreign Minister of Uruguay, Rodolfo Nin Novoa, was against the impeachment and ensured that the Uruguayan government has no intention to recognize Temer. "We are certainly very concerned about this situation and we hope that all take place within the constitutional and institutional parameters", Nin Novoa said in an interview with reporters last Thursday (12).

Answering the question about a possible contact with the president's office in exercise, Novoa said: "No. We have said what we should have said, so we have nothing more to add. "

Senator and former president José Mujica also spoke out against the coup and warned: "The political system in Brazil is sick".

Cuba reaffirms its support to PT, Lula and Dilma

The government of Cuba also criticized the removal of President Dilma. In a statement issued on Thursday (12) , the government called the output "parliamentary coup and judicial, disguised as legality "and a" gimmick "organized by sectors of the Brazilian oligarchy. "Try-se, actually, an armed deception by oligarchic sectors that country, supported by the press reactionary and imperialism, in order to reverse the political project of the Workers Party (PT), overthrow the legitimate government and usurp the power that has not won with the vote ", the report said.

For Havana authorities, the impeachment of the president "legitimately elected" is part of a "reactionary counteroffensive of imperialism and the oligarchy against the revolutionary and progressive governments in Latin America and the Caribbean", which threatens the peace and stability of nations, contrary to the spirit and letter of the Peace Zone Declaration in the region, signed in January 2014 in the Cuban capital.

The Cuban government stressed that the Brazilian people, leftist political forces and social movements in Brazil reject the coup and "oppose any attempt to dismantle important social programs developed by the Party governments Workers, Lula and Dilma ahead ", as the Bolsa Família, the More Doctors, My House, My life, Fome Zero, which according to the Cuban government, They changed the lives of millions of people.

Chile shows concern with Brazil

According to the portal of Telesur, the Chilean government also expressed its concern over the circumstances in which Dilma cleared. "The government of Chile expressed its concern for the events of recent times in that sister nation, which has generated uncertainty at the international level ", institutionally they said in a statement the embassy.

The Chilean Ambassador Muñoz said Minister: "We are concerned about the recent situation in Brazil, given the importance of this country and the great friendship we have ".

The Communist Party of Chile declared, in a statement, in Brazil the Democratic State was violated. And expressed his solidarity: "In solidarity with Dilma, an impeccable and long history of social fighter; with his party, the Workers' Party; with the Communist Party of Brazil; with the people of that sister nation now back on the streets to defend their government and its democracy, often raped by pro imperialist dictatorships and right ".

Unasur: Members of motivation has nothing to do with political judgment

The South American Nations Union (Unasur), intergovernmental organization composed of twelve states of South America, He said that what happened in Brazil is an affront of a parliamentary majority to citizenship policy that democratically elected the nation's president, over 50% two votes.

The general secretary of Ernesto Samper organization believes that the House of Representatives voted not consciously nor respected the rules of the rule of law. "The motivations that have expressed had to do with other complaints, political character. But they had no place in the provisions governing the political judgment ".

European Parliament

The removal of the elected President Dilma Rousseff is "a step toward a coup" tax the right, He declared the United Left Group (I) the European Parliament, in a statement on Friday (13). Members of the European Parliament pointed out that the arguments used to output Dilma "not the result of any criminal proceedings and that the process is led by members with a known history of irregularities and illegal activities, They are investigated judicially ".

Besides that, the treatment of stroke in the international press was surprise and criticism, with concern about the risks to democracy.

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