Maria Silvia sends open BNDES black box

24/05/2016 19h20 - Updated 24/05/2016 19h20
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After a long drop arm, the Federal Audit Court ( TCU) and the Federal Public Ministry will finally have access to all information relating to loans granted by BNDES in Brazil and abroad. Who made the decision to open the black box was the new president of the bank, Maria Silvia Bastos, and celebrated by researchers.

The order, now, It is to attend to all the letters sent by the prosecutor by the TCU, Marinus Marsico, and the demands of the Republic prosecutors in its three research fronts, in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

In anticipation of finally have access to all documentation, Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, It is assembling a task force to investigate any irregularities in BNDES - a billionaire scandal that involved researchers estimate an amount much higher than astronomical theft money in Petrobras.

The task force will be headed by Assistant Attorney General of the Republic, Marcelo Moscogliato, evaluated by co-prosecutors as a playmaker in the investigation of crimes in the financial system.

Source: the Divergent

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