Mario Fleet calls Marcelo Ramos “pau face” and he says he suffers from amnesia

Alderman says Marcelo can not criticize public transportation Manaus because he had the chance to solve it and not solved.
05/05/2016 23h34 - Updated 9/05/2016 07h30

Councilman Mario Fleet (PHS) He called the former Deputy Marcelo Ramos (PR) pau face, this Thursday (5) to remember what he called “tragic” episode with the Consortium TransManaus, the administration of former Mayor Serafim Correa, Marcelo who was secretary of transportation. In season, the public transport companies have joined, second Fleet, a farce in the new bus acquisition promise to Manaus, Finally they were old cars, just painted. Some even catch fire months after the city streets.

The Fleet statements were published on his blog, and motivated by recent advertisements that Marcelo appears criticizing public transportation Manaus and the current Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB).

“Marcelo amnesiac, and forgotten tragedy, the secretary of state in Serafim Correia management, deepened the chaos in the system when begot, with the bus owners, one bogus bid, super addicted, that gave birth to a monster: Consortium Transmanaus, sad memory, which brought bus scrapped to Manaus”, Fleet says in the text.

Wanted by the report, Marcelo Ramos said Mario Fleet is sending message from Arthur Neto and “not argue with seedy politician who is preparing his grimacing departure of the Municipality of Manaus”.

Understand the case

Marcelo Ramos in management in front of the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU) It was made a new bid for hiring companies to take public transportation Manaus, and improve the bankrupt system of the time, where most of the buses were old. Lastly, it was found that the same company were employed, with different names, and old buses were just painted.

“The bus owners camouflaged old and crumbling companies, changing their names, to give the idea that society manauara, from bidding on course, the winning companies would be all new. A lie has short legs, soon our people realized that he had fallen into a tremendous confidence trick, that is, what happened was pure mischief, or better, only took us to change names, in other words, "All before as the barracks of Abrantes".

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