STF minister denies government appeal against Dilma's impeachment

The appeal had been lodged by the Union Attorney General trying to abort the process.
11/05/2016 12h15 - Updated 11/05/2016 12h15
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Imposing a new defeat to the government, Minister of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court) Teori Zavascki denied on Wednesday (11), the resource presenting the Union Attorney General trying to nullify the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff in Congress.

Thereby, It is held the session of the Senate to discuss the admissibility of the complaint by the President responsibility for crime. If approved, Dilma will be away for up to 180 days and Vice President Michel Temer will assume the command of the country.

The AGU argued “power deviation” Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), who led the process as Speaker of the House of Representatives, and he argued that the act was “addict” since the acceptance of the request for impeachment by the PMDB, in December last year.

in action, the government claimed that the receipt of the case by Cunha was illegal because he had acted out of personal interest, in retaliation for Plateau and the PT have not accepted endorse what they called “Auction impeachment”.

Second or text, the PMDB negotiated shielding to prevent the approval of his impeachment process in the Ethics Committee of the House -where answers for lying about the connection with secret accounts abroad, that would have been supplied with resources diverted Petrobras, according to the Attorney General's Office.

As the PT did not ensure their votes in the disciplinary body, Cunha triggered the process and aligned with the opposition.

“Since before the outbreak of the impeachment process the mayor acted in marked deviation of purpose in seeking influence in order to achieve personal interests spurious procedure. Started up, So, episode of the most shameful of the country's recent history: O “Auction impeachment”, says the AGU.

“The annulment of this decision, therefore, It should be taken as absolute and incurable. […] The purpose of his action was another. acted, shamelessly, to retaliate the President of the Republic, his government and his party. Process, when practicing this act, a clear revenge”, completed.

Some of the points used by the defense Dilma are based on last week's decision of the Minister of the Supreme Court in Teori Zavascki away the mandate and Cunha, consequently, the presidency of the Chamber.

For or minister, Cunha is unable to command the House before the evidence that may hinder the investigations against him for alleged involvement in Lava Jet and also its maintenance in office hurts the camera image.

The document also claims that, as the wedge act was addicted, the other steps were also tainted. The AGU Cunha points out that influenced the choice of the rapporteur of the special committee of the House, convened sessions to speed up the processing, among others.

It was not the first time that the partiality of Cunha was questioned in the Supreme Court. In December last year, PCdoB filed an action seeking annulment of the act of Cunha, which had accepted the request for opening of impeachment against Dilma, but the Supreme Court decided the question “unfair”.

For the court ministers, impartiality is required of “judges”, but parliamentarians can act “based on their partisan political convictions”.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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