Minister of the Supreme away of Member of the House Cunha

Rapporteur of Lava Jato, Minister granted clearance request for an injunction made by PGR.
05/05/2016 07h11 - Updated 8/05/2016 08h19
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The Minister of STF (Supreme Court) Teori Zavascki ruled on Thursday (5), the removal of the mayor Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) Federal deputy mandate.

Rapporteur of Lava Jato, the Minister granted an injunction in a request for withdrawal made by the Attorney General's Office and pointed 11 situations that would prove the use of office by the deputy for “constrain, intimidate lawmakers, defendants, contributors, lawyers and public officials in order to embarrass and delay investigations”. in the play, Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, He reached the rank of PMDB “delinquent”.

The PMDB was transformed into defendant in the STF, unanimously, the crimes of corruption and money laundering on charges of integrating Petrobras corruption scheme, having received in this case US $ 5 million in kickbacks from contracts of state-drillships.

In Lava Jato, the deputy is another complaint of target, three more surveys in the Court and the other three requests for investigations that are still waiting Teori authorization to be opened. Investigations discharge the receiving kickbacks from Petrobras and the term of use for alleged criminal practices.

“Based on the foregoing, I grant the requested measure, determining the suspension, the requested, Eduardo Cosentino da Cunha, the federal office of Member of the year and, therefore, the role of President of the Chamber of Deputies”, says excerpt of the decision.

Cunha will be replaced by another investigated the Lava Jato, Deputy Waldir Maranhão (PP-MA).

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