Live accepts complaint against Delúbio, Ronan and Valério

It also authorized the continuation of Sílvio Pereira investigations, former general secretary of the PT and the entrepreneur Breno Fischberg.
12/05/2016 15h34 - Updated 12/05/2016 15h34
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro, processes responsible for the jet wash operation in the first instance, accepted on Wednesday the complaint of the Federal Prosecutor against former PT treasurer Delubio Soares, the mensaleiro Marcos Valerio, businessman Ronan Maria Pinto and six investigated for money laundering. All involved were targets of Operation Carbon 14, unfolding of Operation Lava triggered Jet in April.

in the complaint, MPF has Ronan Maria Pinto and others as responsible for washing over 6 million reais. According to Attorney, the entrepreneur is among the beneficiaries of the grant of a millionaire loan Schain Bank to the Workers' Party (PT). Ronan Maria Pinto was arrested in Operation Carbon 14.

Investigated which become defendants in Lava Jet are: Breno Altman, Delúbio Soares de Castro, Enivaldo Square, Luiz Carlos Casante, Marcos Valério, Natalino Bertin, Oswaldo Rodrigues Vieira Filho, Ronan Maria Pinto and Sandro Tordin.

About scheme investigated in Operation Carbon 14, which distributed part of the money from the fraudulent loan of around 12 million reais contracted by the farmer José Carlos Bumlai at Banco Schahin, MP points “a series of money laundering acts”. Entrepreneur of the St. Andrew's transport branch (SP), Ronan Maria Pinto was the final recipient of half the money, he used to buy the newspaper Diário do Grande ABC actions. It is pontado the monthly allowance operator Mark Valerio as a holder of secrets on a corruption scheme in Santo André and murder of Mayor Celso Daniel (PT). In the order that authorized the firing of Carbon 14, Sergio Moro said “it is possible that this criminal scheme has something to do with the murder, in January 2002, the then Mayor of Santo André, Celso Daniel, what is even more serious”.

The loan was never repaid by Bumlai, close friend of former President Lula, and eventually compensated, According to the investigations of the jet wash, by a contract 1,6 billion dollars between the contractor Schahin and Petrobras to operate the drillship Victory 10.000.
In the same action, Moro received and filed the wash charged to the former minister José Dirceu, the farmer José Carlos Bumlai and Milton and Salim Schahim entrepreneurs “to have over seventy years, which entails the reduction by half of the limitation period and considering the date of the last fact delitivo, on 10/12/2004”. Live also allowed the continuity of Silvio Pereira investigations, former general secretary of the PT and the entrepreneur Breno Fischberg.


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