Traffic fines will rise up 66%

Measures were sanctioned on Thursday by President Dilma Rousseff.
06/05/2016 16h31 - Updated 6/05/2016 16h31
Photo: Márcio James / Semcom

From November, traffic fines to be readjusted to 66% across the country and the driver caught talking or moving the cell will be punished with a very serious offense – and not average, as it is today. Thereby, the fine amount will rise from 85,13 real (current value) for 293,47 real (value already readjusted). The changes, that stiffen the penalties provided for in the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) They were sanctioned on Thursday by President Dilma Rousseff.

In the Code text the word is added “handling”, to also punish the driver who is texting or accessing social networks, for example.

The value of the slightest infraction will have the highest increase, from 66%, passing 53,20 real to 88,38 real. The average increase offense 52%, of Indo 85,13 real to 130,16 real, and severe, which will have the same percentage adjustment, from 127,69 real to 195,23 real. The most serious – like talking on the phone – get on 53%, from 191,54 real to 293,47 real.

Heavier fines – very serious infractions multiplying tenfold – will reach 2.934,70 real, in the case of drivers who are caught playing splits, forcing overtaking on the roads or refuse to do the breathalyzer test, clinical examination or expertise to evaluate alcohol or drugs before driving.


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