Fiscal Electronic Service note should increase municipal revenues in R $ 24 Million a Year

The new Invoice Electronic Service will begin to be issued from June 1.
10/05/2016 15h00 - Updated 10/05/2016 15h00
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Manaus will be the first city in the country to use the national system Invoice issuer Consumer Electronics (NFC-e), the same already used by the State Government in the collection of taxes on the sale of products and goods. Released early on Tuesday, 10, at City Hall, West zone of the capital, the new Invoice Electronic Service will start to be issued from June 1.

According to the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto, the program will be implemented in stages and at an early stage to increase by approximately R $ 2 million / monthly municipal collection, or equivalent to R $ 24 million per year. He assessed fairly optimistic economic consequences of the measure.

"We are maximizing our resources in this time of crisis to make Manaus remains standing before the economic recession that is butchered Brazil", said Arthur. "This is a tool that will ensure a better development of the city in the future, when financial indicators start to improve ", said the mayor.

Also according to the head of the Municipal Executive, the country must come to lose 10% of its Gross Domestic Product (START) in three years. "Here we find the formula to go surviving and keeping Manaus essential projects for the growth of capital. This is the result of a policy of austerity, that wipes spending and broadens our investment capacity, without raising taxes ", finished.

The system of Fiscal Electronic Service Note will facilitate the life of the service manager and the consumer / borrower that, oftentimes, It does not require your invoice due to the bureaucracy at the time of filling. Starting next month, It will be much simpler for individuals to issue the tax document, which also serves as proof and guarantee of direct services to the consumer.

"In practice, the same way that the consumer is requesting your invoice on the purchase of a part for your vehicle, for example, now he can also ask the tax document at the moment is to make the automotive service review ", He explained the Municipal Secretary of Finance, Information and Internal Control Technology (Semef), Ulysses Tapajós.

The secretariat estimates that tax evasion in providing service has generated a loss in the collection, approximately, R$ 10 million per month.

The Easy Note system will provide the Electronic Invoice service in seconds. Another difference is the use of a single tax document in joint operations of sales of goods and provision of services. It is noteworthy that the system is geared especially for consumer individual.

After the election period, as recommended by the Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Manaus City Hall program will also offer rewards to consumers who require the tax document, to be issued at the time of service.

Or document recording, for all purposes, the operations of supply of services and caters to both the business prove their billing for corporate tax purposes and, as for the consumer to prove that hired and paid for a service and also for the tax authorities to identify the basis for calculating the tax on services (ISS).

Starting this May, About the contributing companies Services Tax (ISS) and the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), providing services to individuals, They need to be properly suitable for emission of the receipt of Consumer Electronics (NFC-e) Combined - including sales of goods and services. The measure also extends to exclusively service providers.

In July it will be the turn of companies operating in the leisure and entertainment industry, sports competitions, seminars and similar activities. They are companies that promote events and sell tickets to individuals. These will need to issue the NFC and services at time of ticket sale
At least three branch companies already offer the system for issuing the NFC and services or Combined, including free version. For more information the business owner can access the page Semef ( or the Chamber of Shopkeepers of Manaus (

In any activity the provision of services to issue the Easy Note should be immediate. Be in theaters, the academies, clinics and laboratories, in driving schools, in parking lots, the mechanical workshops, at Schools, in vehicle trailers services, the technical assistance, in beauty salons, the shows, etc. "The Easy Note will be available to resolve once barriers to the issuance of the tax document in Manaus", said Ulisses Tapajós.

NFC and has real-time transmission and is a digital existence only document, issued and stored electronically. That is why, entire document issuing process is convenient and fast for the business and for the borrower services. The Easy Note is issued by the taxpayer, a transmitter using program, to terminate the transaction service with your client, issues or tax document.

The consumer will receive at the time of service the auxiliary document and NFC (DANFE), printed, electronically, via SMS ou e-mail, with the QR Code for later reference. The system also enables the use of new technologies mobility, sending a note via smartphones, tablets or notebooks, and still, integrating online sales platforms and physical trades.

The use of these new technologies for mobility will force the issue the invoice in individual service borrower's home for services such as technical assistance and air conditioning cleaning, clean tank, etc., as well as in mobile services such as transport performed by cars winches.

The issue of Easy Notes will only be made by Digital Certificate and Taxpayer Security Code - CSC. The DANFE contain a two-dimensional barcode (QR Code), which can be read by any smartphone.

For the consumer technological advances and agility that is this system will provide greater security and guarantee the validity and authenticity of the business transaction, as the borrower services may consult the note by your smartphone when you want through the Portal Semef, with access to all notes with your CPF.

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