New ink for tattoo will last for only one year

If you are afraid to stay with the same design on the skin for life. Read this matter.
16/05/2016 10h24 - Updated 16/05/2016 10h26
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Many people are afraid to do tattoos for not knowing how to feel keeping the same design on the skin to 70 years. However, a new ink tattoo can solve this problem.

A empresa Ephemeral, located in New York, U.S, It is developing a paint lasting just one year, a much more manageable period of time for those who do not want to commit for life.

The paint uses smaller molecules than the version used normally and can be "washed" and removed by a tattoo removal solution, which is tattooed on the drawing a year later.

The new initiative is being tested in pigs and is not available until, no minimum, 2017. Even so, it has already attracted the interest of inventors.

The idea came after CEO Seung Shin have undergone a laser treatment to remove a tattoo.

Shin disse: "The Ephemeral was born from my personal experience. Since I was young, was interested in tattoos, but my parents were very against, mainly because it is a permanent thing. "

Source: Yahoo

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