Country has first national quick test to zika

The examination that used to take weeks will result in up to 20 minutes.
31/05/2016 14h15 - Updated 31/05/2016 14h15
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The Bahia Health Department obtained the registration of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and presented today (31) in Salvador, the first national quick serological test to detect the virus Zika. Like this, examination that used to take weeks will result in up to 20 minutes.

The Secretary of Health of Bahia, Fábio Vilas-Boas, It points out that the rapid test will facilitate people's lives, to allow women, for example, They know if we were ever or are infected by the virus.

"Today there is a number of people with symptoms that do not have a definitive diagnosis, that is, you think the person has zika, but can be another virus. From now on, especially for women of childbearing age, have the information if it had or not zika is extremely relevant to her decision, to start a pregnancy ", Fabio says Villas-Boas.

The device has two portable tape (cassettes), using a small sample of the patient serum. One of the strips react with IgM, identifying up to two weeks infections. The second cassette reacts to IgG and identifies whether the patient has had the infection for longer. This allows the rapid test to detect antibodies to the virus Zika, in the patient's body, at any stage of the disease.

“A zika, before it was diagnosed, in the laboratory by the PRC [method that detects the presence of the virus genetic cargo], which was time consuming and very costly. From now on, we can provide the diagnosis in any health center in the most remote places in the country, and only 20 minutes, the population will have to answer if you have or had zika ", says Secretary.

The test was developed in partnership Sesab with a South Korean company, which transferred the technology to the manufacturer laboratory, the Bahia Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Development, Supply and Distribution of Medicines (BahiaFarma), linked to the State Health Department. With the authorization granted by Anvisa, the lab awaits the request of the Ministry of Health to start manufacturing and distribution to the entire Brazilian population. The initial estimate may be up 500 million tests per month.

"The process began in August last year, with the signing of the Protocol, But the development of the product took place between September and January, and we started doing scheduling pilot batches, for product registration ", says the director-president of the Public Laboratory, BahiaFarma, Ronaldo Days.

The Agency Brazil sought the Ministry of Health on demand forecast for the manufacture of products, but received no response to the closure of this matter.

The Zika virus was discovered, in Bahia, in July 2015, when cases associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome have been confirmed. According to Sesab, in the first five months of this year, 36.725 cases were recorded in Bahia.

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