PC holds gunman who worked in the south-central city

The offender is the author of three murders and investigated for involvement in three other.
04/05/2016 16h10 - Updated 4/05/2016 16h10
Photo: PC Release

The Civil Police of Amazonas, by the Specialized Police investigation team Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), arrested on Monday, day 2, Mohamed Bashir Júnior, 28, known as "Basil", author of three homicides in 2012, 2013 e 2016. The boy is also investigated by police for involvement in three other deaths. With the offending drugs were seized, a firearm and a false document.

During a press conference on the morning of Wednesday, day 4, specialized in building, O Delgado Titulr Dr. Dehs, Ivo Martins, He talked about the case and reported that Mohamed was arrested pursuant to arrest warrants by Fabiano do Nascimento homicide, called "Mosquito", and Paulo César dos Santos Lacerda, occurred, respectively, in 2012 e 2013. The victims had 26 years.

"Fabiano murder happened in the early hours of the day 18 December 2012, the Beira Rio alley, in the neighborhood of the Union, Centro-Sul. Paul was killed on the night of 5 November 2013, at Avenida Ivanete Machado, in Park neighborhood Ten November, Centro-Sul ", said Martins.

According to the holder of DEHS, Mohamed was also indicted for the murder of Aroldo Rodrigo Gomes de Matos, it was called "Blink". The crime took place on 21 February this year, in the street 27 Park neighborhood Ten November. The young man had 24 years.

"All three victims were shot by firearms shots, made by Mohamed. The crimes were related to drug trafficking. We are still investigating the participation of the offender in three deaths ", said Ivo Martins.

As the police authority, Mohamed is considered an individual highly dangerous. He acted as a gunman of a gang that operates in the Union neighborhoods and Ten Park. Other members of the gang, as Adriano Rolim da Silva, the "Dri"; Diego Marinho de Souza, the "Diego Meleiro", and Bruno de Souza Carvalho, called "Bruno Fiel", They are being sought by police. Mohamed, Martins second Ivo, also served as traffic manager, mainly that the capital region.

The arrest warrants by Paulo and Fabiano homicides were shipped, respectively, by Eliezer Fernandes Junior judges, 1st jury Stick, and the Anésio Rocha Pinheiro judge, 2nd jury Stick.

Ivo Martins stressed that Mohamed was arrested at around 17h, the house where he lived, located in a condominium located in Bullfinch Street, Tarumã-Açu neighborhood, West zone. In this ocasion, researchers effected searches on property, where a pistol seized 380 with unmarked, found on the passenger seat of a vehicle model Corsa Classic, Black and color plates PHF-0086. "The gun and car were used in the killings", said the delegate.

The holder of DEHS also said that were found in the house four marijuana cigarettes, 17 munitions, fitting equipment for refining and sale of drugs, plus a General Register (RG) on behalf of Pedro Brito Teixeira de Carvalho, with the photo of Mohamed. The document would have been purchased, second man, by R $ 250. The police will investigate the case.

Mohamed was indicted by Fabiano homicide, Paulo and Rodrigo. He was also fined in the act for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition permitted use, trafficking in drugs and fitting equipment, as well as false document usage. This morning the blatant was converted in custody. After the legal procedures, the offender will be referred to the Public Jail Judge Raimundo Vidal Pessoa, which will be available to the Justice.

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