PCdoB, Vanessa Grazziotin, UEA uses to campaign against Dilma's Impeachment

Activist who supports the impeachment of the president was unable to attend and suffered aggression.
02/05/2016 00h04 - Updated 3/05/2016 07h21
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A group of PCdoB, party Vanessa Grazziotin and Eron Bezerra, It turned what was supposed to be a democratic debate in the Ecole Normale Supérieure of University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), in a campaign against the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff (PT). An activist who advocates the impeachment was the location, but it was taunted by PCdoB militants and by the director of Unit, Egle Wanzeler.

The confusion began after the manager and some students who support the impeachment went to the principal's office to ask for a similar event was held the following day in the institution to give space to those who support the impeachment, since it was not given way during the 'debate'. University students and members of the PCdoB booed group, hostilizaram, and they came to throw water on two of them (Check out the video at the end of the matter).

The debate ended in confusion with the right to physical and verbal abuse, and police reports record, last Friday (29), no 12º DIP. A banner hung on the facade of the University with the words "Will not be Hit" was also one of the springboards for the confusion.

One of the assaulted people was the entrepreneur and activist pro-impeachment, Kléber Romao, who said he was told by a friend and went to the site to register the illegal acts of occupation of public space, primarily an educational institution, for fixing material with party-political-ideological message and thus register what was happening.

"They were using a public university to make a partisan political act" said Kléber.

Kleber was one that addressed the coordination of the event, led by members of the PCdoB, among them the president of the State Union of Students, and militant party, Bruna Brelaz that prevented him and other people manifest their opinions on the supposed debate.

They were also among the militants PcdoB student leader Yann Evanovick, and Maick José Tavares. Bruna Brelaz and Maick are employees of Vanessa Grazziotin Senator, as stated in the context of commissioned positions of the senator's office, Senate website.

PCdoB is one of the parties supporting President Dilma Rousseff. Senator Vanessa Grazziottin even asked, last Friday (29), the suspension of Rousseff's impeachment during the analysis process in the Senate.


Merely hanging a banner advocating a political demonstration in a public institution that is promoting a democratic debate, It is already irregular. Prevent the free expression of opinion in a debate that is being promoted for this purpose, It is not only an attack on democracy, but an attack on the right of citizens.

Article 5 of the Federal Constitution guarantees every Brazilian citizen the free expression of intellectual activity, artistic, science and communication, regardless of censorship or license. And Article 19 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, from 1948, It provides that freedom of expression is a human right that must be guaranteed.

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