Police arrest gang rape suspect against girl 16 years

Agents also seized drugs and two stolen vehicles.
28/05/2016 10h55 - Updated 28/05/2016 10h55

One of the suspects have committed gang rape against young 16 years on Friday was arrested on Saturday morning in an operation of the Tactical Actions Group of the Military Police. The action is being held in St. Joseph the Worker community, in Praça Seca, River West Zone, where the attack occurred. Agents also seized drugs and two stolen vehicles, but the goal is to hold the other responsible for the crime.

According to police, there was resistance to entering the community. However, close to the forest on the hill, armed criminals opened fire on the agents and there was a brief confrontation. No longer injured registration.

altogether, 70 PMs participate in the action, which has the support of Action Battalion with Dogs (LAC) and is under the command of the 9th BPM (Rocha Miranda). There are reinforcements of a helicopter and armored vehicles.

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