Polyclinic Codajás delivery 45 ocular prosthesis for patients

Only this year, but of 14 thousand prostheses were delivered to the clinic.
03/05/2016 06h43 - Updated 3/05/2016 06h43
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To provide more comfort and self-esteem for patients who have suffered the loss of one eye, on Monday (2), the Government of Amazonas, by Policlinico Codajás, delivered 45 definitive ocular prostheses to registered users in the unit. The initiative follows a schedule that began in February 2016, When 210 prostheses were delivered to people enrolled.

Only this year, but of 14 thousand prostheses were delivered to the eye clinic in action modules, auditory, Orthopedic and colostomy, representing an investment of more than R $ 160 one thousand.

All patients receiving the eye care component had with optical-prosthetists responsible for the prosthesis molding procedure, held in mid-June. Each machine has an average cost of R $ 1,1 thousand and was granted free by the State.

According to director of Polyclinic Codajás, Fabio Manabu Shimizu, the beneficiaries are people who have lost the eyeball and need of the prosthesis to maintain the strength of the muscles of the eyelids and the operation of the excretory pathways of tears. Besides that, prostheses have an aesthetic function, according to him, directly influences how the patient relates with society.

The director also highlights the comprehensive nature center, since the delivery of equipment is only part of the process of care. According to him, the basis of the service consists of the eye action modules, auditory, Orthopedic and colostomy, through which the service users receive the monitoring of multi-professional team. "The program runs always in the perspective of better serve users who seek", afirmou Shimizu.

Prosthesis retrieves esteem
For users who have suffered deprivation of the eye, the supervisor of the Specialized Center for Rehabilitation Type III (CER III), Josenira Almeida, It points out that the problem may also focus on psychological factors causing the patient to present difficulties in establishing affective bonds and organize front life to new circumstances. "The service provided by Polyclinic is appropriate for overcoming these limitations and recovery of the user's self-esteem Paid", he said.

He points out that people with this problem usually have difficulty in establishing emotional bonds because they carry a sense of inferiority and rejection. "This service is essential to improve the lives of these people", he explained.

The devices are used to keep the orbital cavity, tones the muscles of the eyelids, keep the physiology of excretory pathways of tears and mostly cosmetic. The ocular prosthesis is indicated for patients who have had the eye removed or injured by accidents or illnesses.

multidisciplinary assessment
Josenira Almeida explains that people with request for ocular prostheses and other equipment provided by the service go through a multidisciplinary assessment, according to the protocol established by the National Technology Incorporation Commission (CONITEC), Ministry of Health. Upon receiving the equipment prescribed by the doctor, the patient has all the guidance on how to use it, in addition to monitoring for the use of adjustment period.

For people who want to participate because they are deprived of this need, it is necessary to register the EWC III - Visual Module, Running in Polyclinic Codajás Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 12 pm, in Codajás Street, No 26, Cachoeirinha neighborhood, area south of Manaus, presenting the following documents: ID card, or Birth Registration (if minor), CPF, SUS card and proof of residence, with original and copy.

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