Possibility of new audios care management Michel Temer

Information that prosecutors may have more recordings creates a climate of apprehension in government.
26/05/2016 12h52 - Updated 27/05/2016 07h42
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Advisors to the interim president, Michel Temer, report a seizure of climate in the government after receiving the information that the prosecutor may have more recordings made by former president of Transpetro Sérgio Machado reinforcing suspicions that the PMDB summit would be acting to try to halt the operation Lava Jet.

As “vaccine”, Fearing aides argue that he blinde of potential headaches and move on up 30 days ministers cited in Operation Lava jet or to respond to legal charges, as Henrique Eduardo Alves (tourism) and Mauritius Quintella (transport).

Alves is the target of two survey requests, still no guarantee of Justice, for alleged involvement in the scheme of deviations related to Petrobras. Quintella (PR) It is suspected of involvement in budget variances for the payment of school meals in Alagoas. Both deny the charges.

According to information obtained by the team of Temer, recordings released so far by the Leaf would be only part of the material delivered by Machado to the Attorney General's Office, with whom he entered into a prize tipoff, approved by the Supreme Court (Supreme Court).

As one presidential aide, what worries the interim government is “imponderable factor” on new complaints and the possibility of new audio cause stampedes in the governing coalition on the eve of economic measures votes in Congress.

On Monday (23), on the day of recording release of former Minister Romero Jucá (Planning) with Machado in which he suggests a pact to stop the Lava Jato, PV announced position of independence in Congress. The fear is that parties like PSDB and DEM repeat the gesture if the complaints approach the interim president.

For an ally of interim president, some aides have to sacrifice to avoid becoming “glass ceilings” of an administration that has a short time to prove he can stay ahead of the country, since the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff must be finalized by September.

In addition to recording between Juca and Machado, Folha revealed Transpetro of former President recordings with Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), and former President José Sarney.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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