Mayor says he will fight to prevent adjustment in public transport

05/05/2016 00h01 - Updated 6/05/2016 07h43
Photo: Mario Oliveira

The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto, said, on the afternoon of Wednesday, 4, who will fight to the bitter end to prevent the increase in public transport fare. The statement was given, news conference, after the Supreme Court (STJ) suspend the injunction of the Amazon Court (TJAM) that kept the tariff increase. The Attorney General of the Municipality (PGM) will appeal to the decision of the Supreme Court.

For Mayor, at a time of crisis now facing the Brazilian and has drastically affected the manauara, It is unfair to grant the tariff adjustment. According to him, Manaus City Hall has honored its commitments together the companies operating the public transport system and so it is not fair to charge the user the consequences of this crisis.

"Is everyone living in the grip. I'm tight as mayor, families are indebted, Brazil is at a time of economic depression and unemployment here in Manaus is huge, are tens of thousands of unemployed, who lost bus passes and is about them which falls this higher weight. I do not agree with this and say the unabated so that there will be no rate adjustment at this time ", He said convinced Arthur, that justice will prevail.

The Attorney General of the Municipality, Marcos Cavalcanti, He explained that the Supreme Court's decision only suspends the decision of the Presidency TJAM, without judging the increase of merit itself. According to Cavalcanti, the argument used by the STJ is that the power to decide this was a place of the High Court and not the state Court. "This brings us to a new application for suspension, now, STJ ", he said.

Besides that, according to the prosecutor, They can submit several alternative measures granted by the Municipal Executive, reducing the burden of the company and increase the operating result, which have not yet been discussed in the main action.

"We think that the measure imposes a tremendous burden to users without this may then be reversed. There are other ways to avoid this adjustment, and the mayor himself has discussed this with the entrepreneurs ", said the prosecutor.


During the press conference, He revealed the mayor, still, which met several times with representatives of the Road 'Union and said he was willing to dialogue with both the unions and with the businessmen. Arthur Neto appealed to workers not to use drastic measures such as strikes or stoppages, which can cause further damage to transit riders.

He also noted that the judge of the 18th of Manaus Labor Court, Selma Thury, ever considered that the Road 'Union has no real motivation to trigger strike movement, as I intended to do on 28 of April. in order, Judge came to determine that the unionists obeyed the free movement of vehicles driven by workers who do not fit into the movement.

"The judge considers that they, constantly, hurt the Law of Strike and create system instability. Therefore, We are supported by the courts ", Full Attorney General Marcos Cavalcanti.

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