AM government may have ownership interest in research that encourages

Proposal started to be processed in the Amazon Legislative Assembly.
03/05/2016 14h27 - Updated 3/05/2016 14h30
time assignment with René Levy Aguiar, CEO of FAPEAM. (Photo: OF-AM)

The state government, through the Foundation for the Amazonas State Research (Fapeam), You may have ownership interest of the results of research that encourages. The measure is expected in a bill sent on Monday (2) the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM).

As president of the Foundation for the Amazonas State Research (FAPEAM), René Levy Aguiar, who was in the State Parliament to clarify some points of the project, the legislation will help the state to have a return on the research that supports. "What happens is that both states as Union eventually encourage projects, and then little economic return to have it ", said. With the change, according to him, will cause the state to receive funds in the same amount as applied in research.

Proposal # 28/2016 still creates the State Fund for Scientific Development, Technological and innovation that, Rene second Aguiar, facilitate or provide resources hometown P&D the percentage that companies are required to collect when they need to develop or have incentives related to research and development in the Amazon. According to him, companies end up applying these resources in other states because the law allows.

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