Peixada Corner Restaurant is listed as a historical and cultural heritage of Manaus

The restaurant was opened on May 1, 1974.
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Bill of Mario Fleet councilor authorship (PHS), which makes the Corner Restaurant Peixada as well Immaterial of the historical and cultural heritage of Manaus, It was approved on Monday (9) the Municipality of Manaus (CMM).The Corner Peixada was opened on May 1, 1974, on Labor Day.

Aldenor Ernesto de Lima, restaurant owner, was born in 27 August 1938, in Lowland Careiro. In 1962 He worked in gold mining in the Tapajós River; in 1965 It was a longshoreman at the Port of Manaus; in 1966 worked prospector cassiterite, Rondônia, no rio Massangana; in 1966 prospector was high in Paraguay, in the state of Mato Grosso. At the time I had no money to return to Manaus and, through the judge Carlos Avallone, Cuiabá, and friendship that made the mechanic Paraense Transportes Aéreos, He returned to Manaus hidden in the plane's bathroom.

In 1973 He worked in the old Jonasa, as practical. Then on 1 May 1974 along with his friend Luis Martins (known tailor in time) He opened the Corner Restaurant Peixada, with a domestic cooker, a borrowed freezer and 200 his father borrowed cruises (at the time the minimum wage was 240,00 Cruises). After 2 years Luis Martins left the company. At the time there were a few restaurants that were corner: Alvorada corner, Canto da Saudade and corner of Galeto, was hence the name Corner Peixada.

In the beginning only open at night and worked until 6 am, when the old bohemians came from parties and taking the traditional stew tucunaré and Bodo to take the hangover. At that time there was the fast-food today. party to food was the famous fish stock.

Located in the Plaza 14 there is 42 years, the location is one of the oldest restaurants in Manaus. Your customers are workers in the region, tourists, anonymous people famous.

According to Mario Fleet, the most illustrious clients Aldenor Lima already served and that is why his greatest pride, was Pope John Paul II, in 1980. "Until now it displays in a shop window, in its restaurant, crockery and cutlery used by the Pope. When Aldenor knew that the pope was visiting the city of Manaus, He sought the then archbishop, Dom Hamilton, and asked to serve the meal to Pope John Paul II. The dinner menu was the stew tucunaré. The Pope liked it so much that the next day would again have lunch our fish, when eaten tambaqui rib grilled ", reminds the author of the project.

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