SAMU is important legacy to Manaus, Wilker says Barreto

On Monday (16), the service was honored in commemorative ceremony at Aleam.
17/05/2016 13h28 - Updated 17/05/2016 13h28
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"The Urgent Care Mobile Service was built gradually. He dug the foundation for their success in unit, companionship, solidarity, loyalty, ethics and, today, It is an important legacy for the city ", said the Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), to participate, on the afternoon of Monday (16), in the auditorium of the Legislative Assembly, the ceremony commemorating the tenth anniversary of the SAMU 192 – Manaus, where they were given tributes and highlighted the importance of emergency removal work and emergency provided by nearly a thousand professionals within that service.

During the ceremony, who took delivery of Multipliers Training Course Certificate in Realistic Simulation for WILKER BARRETO (PHS) – SAMU 10 ANOS_ROBERVALDO ROCK (2)Professionals of the Unified Health System and was attended by the Mayor Arthur Neto; the municipal secretary of Health, Homero Miranda Lion; coordinator of Samu, Rui Abrahim and other municipal authorities, Wilker praised the promptness and respect for the human being with the 'samuzeiros', helping to save lives often attending emergency calls in hostile and unhealthy environments.

"I know how hard it is, this time of acute economic crisis, keep a service with such regularity and efficiency ", said Councilman, drawing attention to the fact that the last two years to Manaus Prefecture have lost funds in the amount of R $ 800 millions. Wilker Barreto greeted Mayor Arthur Neto; Homer Secretary of Miranda Lion; and the coordinator Rui Abrahim the commitment to maintain the regularity and quality of services provided by the SAMU.

Mayor Arthur Neto abided, particularly, the figures resulting from the work of the SAMU 192 - Manaus in these ten years of existence "were 438 thousand urgent and emergency requests served; but of 3.5 million calls received including therein 841 thousand hazing; 16 thousand representes training for various segments, abancando much of the own mobile removal service servers ", He informed the mayor.

second Arthur, The service currently has ten land bases in the six populated areas of Manaus; a total of 56 ambulances, and 34 Basic Support Units; eight Advanced Support Units; two S-10 ambulances that serve the city vicinal; twelve motolâncias and ambulanchas that cater to residents of rural and riverine areas.

"There is a lot of trust in the work of the SAMU, because you know that the service will arrive and is provided with respect to human and very effectively ", said Arthur Neto, emphasizing his respect for the professionals who provide services.

The director of the Hospital and Emergency Room 28 of August, Paulo Roberto Mendonça Junior, once part of the SAMU, praised the work done by drivers, doctors and technicians in transportation and care of the rugged or infirm.

"For me it was a period of much learning, experiencing situations that go beyond medical specialties ", He noted, adding that "the act samuzeiros, about everything, with great respect and love of neighbor.

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