Sarney says Lula regrets elected Dilma

In new recordings made by Sérgio Machado, former president PMDB says Lula told about repentance.
28/05/2016 13h59 - Updated 28/05/2016 13h59
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In new recordings made by Sérgio Machado former President José Sarney says former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva regretted having chosen it away President Dilma Rousseff to be his successor.

The audios were released on Saturday, 28, by Jornal Hoje. According to the newspaper, though Lula is not mentioned by name the researchers say that the PT is the object of the conversation.

"Now, all omission of the owner Dilma ", Machado says in conversation held at the home of Sarney.

"He (Lula) crying. What I was going to tell it. He told me that the only regret he has is to have elected Dilma. The only mistake and the most serious of all ", replies the former senator maranhense.

The new talks also show Machado speaking on "help" the various political, including the Sarney own. According to the Journal Today, can not determine what kind of assistance mentioned in the dialogues.

"Does anyone else know you helped me?”, question Sarney.

"I know not. Nobody knows, President", replies the former president of Transpetro.

In a statement issued in the early afternoon the Lula Institute described as "disgusting" the audio release.

"It is simply disgusting disclosure of armed conversations with the clear intention to commit the former president Lula in illicit of which he did not participou.O illegal leak of these recordings is further evidence that, after investigating for more than two years, the Federal Public Ministry has not even found a wisp of evidence against Lula. Because Lula has always acted within the law ", says the Institute.

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